Weekly Recap: August 12-18

This quote continues on with something like, "but this will pass..."

Except in my case, it didn't. Last week was a total bust (see below) and I literally stayed in bed all weekend - well at least I did on Saturday.

Mon, 8/12


I had planned to go to yoga but I felt really tired and even wanted to take an afternoon nap. Now I am not capable of daytime napping so this was a red flag to me that something was off. So I decided to take a complete Rest Day.

Tues, 8/13

5.67-mile Track Workout

I did the workout, got the job done but I felt like crap the whole time. I still felt fatigued and my head felt cloudy. It was like I was in a hazy daze that I couldn't wake up from.

Wed, 8/14

AM: 20-min Swim

I woke up with a sore throat and the 45-min that I planned to swim turned into just 20-min. I asked myself "What was the point?" I would have been better off just sleeping in.

PM: 1-hr Strength Training with Trainer Dave

This was the best workout of my week. I row'd, TRX'd and then row'd again.

Thurs, 8/15

6-mile Run

I got the miles done around the neighborhood but I still felt lethargic (three days so far if you're counting). I was getting 7+ hours of sleep at night and still felt like it wasn't enough. I had no stamina whatsoever. And my allergies came on with a vengeance.

Fri, 8/17

SpinMore Rest

I finally gave in, turned off the alarm and just slept in.

Sat, 8/18

13-mile RunRest

Another bust. At this point I couldn't tell if I had the worst case of allergies ever or I was dealing with a cold - or both. All the symptoms were the same, but my body (area between shoulder blades) ached too. I'm also still dealing with GI issues so it was like I was in the perfect storm. I literally did not get out of bed all day.

Sun, 8/19

13-mile Run 4-ish mile Run

I felt a little better when I woke up on Sunday so I drove all the way to Golden Gate Park in the City to make up my 13-mile run.

I made it one mile before I had to run to the bathroom. By the time I hit four miles I couldn't breathe (congestion) and my head wanted to explode. So I came home and had yet another Fat Dog Day. Before this weekend I didn't know it was possible to be tired of #FDDs.

Mon, 8/20


I'm feeling much better today and am tempted to go to yoga but I think I'll just take another full day to rest in hopes of having a better week.

I had a bit of a meltdown thinking that I am running out of time to train for my next marathon, but my coach still thinks I have enough time to train for it. So I decided that I'm just going to go with what he says and not worry about it.

The good news is that my legs have been feeling really good lately, so hopefully all this extra rest will add a spring in my step.