Weekly Recap, Oct 28-Nov 3


I haven’t written a weekly workout recap post since the end of the summer. At the time my body was feeling so out-of-sync that the workouts weren’t anything that I wanted to remember. Sadly, not much has changed in the past two-and-half months. I have been seeing a Functional Medicine doctor who is helping me to heal my body (digestive system). Some days are better than others but I am no where near being completely healed. I am however feeling a little more energized and had a decent week workout-wise.

+ Mon, Oct 28: Rest Day

+ Tues, Oct 29: Bad track workout

+ Wed, Oct 30: Spin workout + Strength Training workout with Trainer Dave

Instead of a 6 am Spin class, my gym offers a 6 am Body Pump class on Wednesdays. So if I want to get an early morning Spin workout done I have to do it on my own at 5 am. I’ve found pretty good Spin workouts just by surfing the Web and did a 30-minute one followed by 30-min of core and PT exercises

At lunch time I did a rowing/circuit workout with Trainer Dave:

- Warmed up with 2000 meters on the rowing machine - 4 sets, no rest in-between sets: 10 regular push-ups 10 TRX low rows 15 squats with overhead press holding a 20 lb medicine ball 15 KB swings with 25 lb KB 10 TRX reverse Y flies

+ Thurs, Oct 31: 5K time trial with a 1-mile warm-up and 1-mile cool down

One of the things my Functional Medicine doctor is treating me for is Adrenal Fatigue, so although I was pleased with the paces I ran, this run knocked me out. I’m also still dealing with sore calves and shin splints so you can imagine just how much fun this run was...

+ Fri, Nov 1: Strength Training workout with Trainer Dave

- Warm-up with 2000 meters rowing - 10 x 200 meter rowing springs with 1-min rest - 3 sets circuit (no rest in-between sets): 10 Pushups 15 Kettle Bell Swings (25 lbs) 10 Burpees

+ Sat, Nov 2:  90-minute (9-mile) Run 

The above photo was taken on this run. Fall running is the best!

+ Sun, Nov 3: 40-min Untimed Run 

In two weeks I’m running the Big Sur Half Marathon. With me trying to heal my gut its probably not the most ideal time to be running an endurance event but I’m going to anyway. Since I wasn’t able to run Twin Cities Marathon last month, this is my consolation event. I really have cut back my workouts quite a bit (compared to marathon training) and my Functional Medicine doctor has much experience working with endurance athletes so she gets it. She understands that “this is what she has to work with” (her words, not mine) and is willing to do so (I do plan on cutting back even more after this race).

When I first signed up for this race I had grand dreams of running a PR because its the first race I ever ran 5 yrs ago. But I’m not expecting that to happen anymore and I’m okay with it (mostly). There’ll be other races to try to run a personal record so for this race I’m just looking forward to running half marathon #21 and celebrating how far I’ve come the first one.