Weekly Workout Recap: January 4 -11

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I wasn't going to write Weekly Workout Recap posts anymore. But a few weeks ago I found myself needing to refer to workouts from a while back. You’d think my training logs would have been enough, but tools fail, processes change and data gets lost. Luckily I had these posts to refer to to find the information I was looking for.

I took most of December off due to my hip and the holidays. I'm not trying to get back on track or what my coach has called the "Winter Speed Movement." But I'm doing so mindfully because marathon training and holiday gluttony took a toll on my gut health and it needs a little TLC.

This year I’ve decided to not run longer than the half-marathon distance. I have the Foster City 10-mile race next weekend, and then the Kaiser Half two weeks after that. I’m not looking to break any personal records at either race. (Although the 10-mile race is my first at that distance so automatic PR, right?) Instead, I'm treating both races as litmus tests to see where I’m at. And of course, to have fun.

With all of this in mind, this is how the past week went.

{Note: I'm still seeing my Functional Medicine doctor who supports my race plans and workouts.}

Mon, 01/05: Rest Day

Tues, 01/06: 3-mile Run

Ran untimed around my neighborhood. It should have felt easy but I had a hard time warming up and didn’t feel good until the last mile. Short distance problems.

Wed, 01/07: Pilates

I’m nearing the end of my block of private Pilates sessions. I thought by now they’d be easier, but my instructor is so good she figures out ways to keep making them tough. This one was the hardest so far.

After an hour on the Reformer and Cadillac, my session ended with a super-set of weighted jumping jacks and upside down pull-ups / rows.

I always thought I had decent upper body strength but the DOMS from this workout told me otherwise. It was intolerable. I was sore for days - the good kind of sore though.

Thurs, 01/08: Interval Run

Ran a mixture of miles and 400 intervals around my neighborhood. Normally I do speed workouts at the track but wasn’t able to make it there today. All I have to say about this is - I had no idea how engaged my pectoral muscles are when I run. DOMS. Ow.

Fri, 01/09: Rest Day

Sat, 01/10: Spin Class

Sun, 01/11: 7.52-mile Run

This run was intervals of 5-min easy segments followed by 1-min of pushing the pace. DOMS was gone - all was good.

This coming week I’m starting to try a modified low FODMAPS diet for about a month to ease my IBS flare-up. It will be interesting to see if it has any impact on this week’s workouts, particularly on race day. I’ll provide some insight and thoughts on this next week.