Weekly Workout Recaps: Aug 19-25 and Aug 26-Sept 1

I was hesitant to write this post because as of right now I really don't know if I'm going to run the Fall marathon I have been planning to. Its not that I don't want to, or that I'm injured because I do and I'm not, but I've been going through a period of cutting runs short or simply skipping them altogether. I got sick a couple of weekends ago and wasn't able to get out of bed, let alone do any workouts whatsoever. It took about a week and a half to fully recover but then I started freaking out that there wasn't enough time to train for the race. You'd think that would be enough to drive me to run every single mile and then-some; instead I did the exact opposite.

So I really don't know if I'll run it or not but I will making the trip no matter what (travel is already booked and paid for) so I'm going to make every effort to run the miles and finish the workouts that are on my schedule between now and then.

Mon, 8/19 Rest Day

Tues, 8/20 6-mile Run

Wed, 8/21 30-min Swim 40-min Strength Training Session with Trainer Dave

Thurs, 8/225-mile Run Nothing

Fri, 8/23 1-hr Spin

Sat, 8/2414-mile Run 11.5 mile Run

Sun, 8/25 30-min Spin / 30-min Treadmill Run 30-min Strength Training

Mon, 8/26 Rest Day

Tues, 8/27 5.40-mile Track Workout

Wed, 8/28 30-min Swim 45-min Strength Training Session with Trainer Dave

Thurs, 8/297-mile Run 6-mile Run

Fri, 8/30 1-hr Spin

Sat, 8/3115-mile Run 8-mile Run

Sun, 9/1 5.27-mile Run

Yesterday I half-heartedly intended to make a second attempt at the 15-miler, but after 5.27-miles I stopped to spectate the DSE Mile Run that a bunch of my friends ran, then chose to go to brunch with them instead of continuing my run because who can say no breakfast at Q.