Weeks 10-11 of 2013: Mar 3-17

While on vacation... Sun, Mar 3:

+ CHI Running Workshop

Mon, Mar 4:

+ 30-min (3.08-mile) Run

Tues, Mar 5:

+ 30-min Strength Training + 90-min Hot Yoga

Wed, Mar 6:

+ 35-min (3.67-mile) Run

Thurs, Mar 7:

+ Pikes Peak Hike (3.57-miles)

Fri, Mar 8:

+ 35-min (3.57-mile) Run

Sat, Mar 9:

+ Rest

Sun, Mar 10:

+ 2-hr Hike in Sedona

Mon, Mar 11:

+ 40-min (4.47-mile) Run + 75-min Hot Yoga

Tues, Mar 12:

+ 35-min (3.61-mile) Run -- Speed Workout

Wed, Mar 13:

+ 35-min (4.03-mile) Run

* Flew back to San Francisco that evening...

Thurs, Mar 14:

+ Rest Day (but I did 25-min Pilates)

Fri, Mar 15:

+ 1-hr Spin Class

Sat, Mar 16:

+ 13-mile Run

Sun, Mar 17:

+ 6.2-mile Run


+ My suitcase weighed 47 lbs. Some would say I over packed, but I used almost every item in it.

+ One of the only things in my suitcase that I did not use was my TRX. {Note: 30-min of Strength Training in over two weeks will not make this week's sessions with Trainer Dave will very pleasant...}

+ Taking time off of running after my mini injury was one of the smartest things I've done; I'm feeling so much better. Maybe I'm finally learning a thing or two about running.

+ Hikes are great workouts - I need to do them more often!

+ I usually consider Sunday's the start of a new week but I decided to throw today's run in this post. I ran more weekends miles than I have since last Fall. I'm definitely feeling it and am looking forward to a Rest Day tomorrow.

+ Now that my Spring Break is over, I’m considering myself officially in marathon training mode – 14 weeks till the San Francisco Marathon!

I really thought I'd spend more time blogging while on my trip; instead I unplugged. My next few posts are going to be recapping some highlights that I want to capture. I'm looking forward to getting back to blogging - and blog reading - more regularly.