Weeks 12, 13, 14

I've fallen a bit behind on my logging my Weekly Workouts, so here's a short recap of Weeks 12 and 13 and then a regular recap of Week 14.

Week 12: March 19-25

Mon, 3/19: 45-min on the Bike Trainer doing 9 5-minute intervals Tues, 3/20: 1-hr Run of Intervals (6.37 miles) + 1-hr Yin Yoga Class Wed, 3/21: 1-hr Vinyasa Yoga Class + 1-hr TRX Training Session with Trainer Dave Thurs, 3/22: 4-mile Grilled Cheese Run Fri, 3/23: Rest Sat, 3/24: 2-mile Pre-Race Run Sun, 3/25:

Week 13: March 26-April 1

Mon, 3/26: Rest Tues, 3/27: Rest

I didn't plan on taking 2 Rest Days in a row, but I spent Mon, 3/26 getting ready for my trip and Tues, 3/27 was a Travel Day. The rest of the week was spent on vacation in Waikiki:

Wed, 3/28: 4-mile Run (9:54 min/mile) + 1-hr Yoga Class Thurs, 3/29: 45-minute Run (4.56 miles) Fri, 3/30: 1-hr Yoga Class Sat, 3/31: 2-mile Pre-Race Run Sun, 4/1: Wahine Half Marathon (Race Report Pending)

It was a light week but given the fact that I was on vacation, I'm pretty proud of the fact that I still completed every workout that was scheduled, including the Yoga classes.

Before the trip I looked at the hotel's (Hyatt Regency Waikiki) Web site to see what fitness amenities they offered. I saw that offered Yoga classes so I called ahead and scheduled myself for all the classes that were available during my stay. You can't beat practicing Yoga with this view:


Week 14: April 2 - 8

Mon, 4/2

Plan: Rest Actual: 1-hr Yoga class

This was my last yoga class in Hawai'i and it felt great to work out some tightness after running 2 half-marathons on consecutive weeks.

Tues, 4/3

Plan: 4-mile Run Actual: 4-mile Run (Untimed)

With the exception of the race, every run in Hawai'i was done from the Hyatt up to Diamond Head. I contemplated taking a different route on this last vacation run, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see one last sunrise:


or run along the beach:


** Also, although it wasn't "formal workouts" I went to beach 6 of the 7 days in Hawai'i and practiced a lot of Open Water Swimming. So nice to be able to do so without needing a wetsuit!

Wed, 4/4

Plan: 1500-yard Swim + Yoga Actual: Rest

I landed at SFO late Tuesday evening and was back at work early Wednesday morning. I needed a Rest Day to adjust to the time change and get my house back in order.

Thurs, 4/5

Plan: 5-mile Run Actual: 5-mile Run (9:07 min/mile)

Shin Splints! I had been experiencing some weird lower outer leg pain during my runs in Hawai'i but this time it was full on shin splints on my R leg. It's the first time I've ever experienced it and it’s debilitating!

Fri, 4/6

Plan: Yoga Actual: 90-min Bikram Yoga Class

First Bikram Class in over a month and I missed it! It felt sooooo good! I thought it would be rough getting back in to it, but I was pleasantly surprised to:

1. Not have the heat bother me (I attribute this to the humidity in Hawai'i) 2. I could do the full Camel Pose - twice! Normally I can't even do this pose when I'm practicing on a regular basis so this was a very nice surprise!

Sat, 4/7

Plan: 8-mile Run Actual: 1-mile Warm-Up Run + 8.05-mile Run with 2 pick-up miles (9:34 min/mile)

I wore compression socks, lathered my shins with Ibuprofen gel and heeded the advice of Layla to shorten my stride and voila - no shin splints!

Sun, 4/8:

Plan: 8-mile Easy Run Actual: 8-mile Run (Untimed)

I don't normally run on back-to-back days, nor have I ever done it with this many miles. I wasn't tired or sore at all from Saturday's run so my only worry for this run was not to get bored out of my mind. So I changed up the scenery and drove out to one of the trails.

As soon as I started running I realized that my body was actually pretty tired and the run was harder than I expected, but I got it done. It helped not to have my watch telling me how slow I was running. I just ran easy, repeated the compression socks/Ibuprofen gel thing and no shin splints again. Post run the area is still a little tender so I've been icing and massaging it.