Weeks 12 of 2013: Mar 18-24

March 18-24 Workouts
March 18-24 Workouts

Here's how the week went down:

Mon, 3/18

+ Rest Day 1-hr Gentle Yoga class

My first class at my new yoga studio. It was the perfect class for a rest and recovery day. Nothing strenuous other than a standing pose or two, but sufficient enough to work out stiff and sore muscles from the weekend's run.

Tues, 3/19

+ 5.13-mile Track Workout + 25-min Pilates

Nothing too much to report here. It was a good workout and for once, I wasn't intimidated by it.

Wed, 3/20

+ 3.50-mile Run

I'm guesstimating the mileage. It was to be a 35-min run but I didn't wear my Garmin. I hadn't eaten dinner the evening before, nor did I eat anything before this 7 am run so although it was short, it was still ugly. Poor planning on my part.

Thurs, 3/21

+ 6-mile PM Run + 75-min Pilates-infused Yoga class

Ran in the afternoon due to early morning work meetings. I love that it's already tank top and shorts running weather in the Bay Area. It was a tough run, and an even tougher Pilates/Yoga class. I think I sweat more in the class than the run.

Fri, 3/22

+ 1-hr Spin Class + 40-min Strength Training

I was supposed to get back to strength training sessions with Trainer Dave this week after two weeks of vacation but he had strep throat. I decided that three weeks off was unacceptable and forced myself to do some TRX exercises at the gym after my 6 am Spin class.

Sat, 3/23

+ 14-mile Run 11.32-mile Run + .94-mile Walk

I had a 14-mile scheduled but quit at 11.32-miles and walked .94-miles back to my car. I'm not sure what happened here. I didn't think too much about this run all week, other than to map out a route that I was looking forward to running.

14-mile Route in Golden Gate Park
14-mile Route in Golden Gate Park

I ate well the night before, and day of/during the run. I hydrated well. Physically I felt great and was pretty happy with my paces too. But when I woke up that morning I dilly-dallied getting started. I even changed my shirt twice in the car before starting to run - just to delay getting started. Then the entire time I ran I felt like I was in a battle with myself, a battle to stay focused. This is something that I have come realize I have a problem with - staying focused (hence the reason I'm trying meditation).

Golden Gate Bridge from Land's End Lookout - the best part of the run
Golden Gate Bridge from Land's End Lookout - the best part of the run

When I finally got to 11.32-miles I was tired of the fight. I turned off my Garmin and declared myself done. And if the Golden Gate Park Shuttle had come by I would have taken it instead of walking the .94-miles back to my car. And the odd thing is, I don't even feel that bad about this. It happens I guess.

Sun, 3/24

+ 6.2-mile Run at Sawyers Camp

With no pace times specified in my workout instructions, I normally I wouldn't have used my Garmin. The Sawyers Camp route is also marked every 1/2-mile so I really didn't need it. However, since I had such a problem focusing yesterday I used my Garmin to set a 4-min run / 1-min walk schedule. During those 4-minutes I just focused completely on running, then allowed my brain to wander for the 1-min walk. It helped to make sure I stayed in recovery run mode as well.


+ I know I haven't blogged about it yet, but for the past three weeks I've been trying to adopt Chi Running techniques. It's been difficult because I have no feedback or validation that I'm doing it correctly. My paces have gotten a bit faster without any additional effort on my part so it makes me think that I am, but on the other hand I've felt niggle pains where I shouldn't if I'm doing it correctly. This is has been the root of my current tough runs / battles. I'm hoping to meet with my Chi Running instructor this coming week for a consultation to see if / how I am progressing with this.

+ In the meditation challenge this week we learned that yoga is the union of mind, body and spirit. It's so true and I feel so much happier to be practicing in a studio again. It's a calming, nurturing environment that I am really enjoying again.

+ The past two weekends I've run double-digits on Saturday, followed by a 5+ mile run on Sunday. I've never been able to do that before. So far my body has felt fine from it. It makes me excited to feel like I'm getting stronger.