Weeks 15-18: April 8 - May 5

I guess it's almost been a month since posting my workout recaps. See how lazy I can be? Here's a quick rundown:

Week 15: April 8-14

+ 30.70 miles + 2.5 hour Chi Running Class in which I was the only person in attendance and ran up and down hills for two hours. + 1 60-min Spin Class + 10-min extra + 1 45-min Strength Training Workout * Long Run

Week 16: April 15-22

+ 30.59 miles + 1 60-min Spin Class + 1 45-min Strength Training Workout + 1 60-min Yoga Class * Long Run

Week 17: April 23-28

+ 31.79-miles + 1 60-min Spin Class + 2 40-min Strength Training Workouts + 2 75-min Yoga Classes * Long Run

Which bring us to this past week, Week 18: April 29-May 5:

Mon, 4/29:

+ 1-hour Yoga Class

Tues, 4/30:

+ 45-min Easy Run

Wed, 5/1:

+ 6.67-mile Run at the Track + 45-min Strength Training Workout + 75-min Yoga Class

Thurs, 5/2:

+ 45-min Easy Run

Fri, 5/3:

+ 1-hour Spin Class

Sat, 5/4:

+ 10-mile Run

Obligatory GGB Photo
Obligatory GGB Photo

Like the previous two weekends, I ran around Crissy Field and across the Golden Gate Bridge again.

We had a heat wave in the Bay Area over the past week and it was miserable. So when I got to Crissy Field on Saturday morning and saw the layer of fog over the bridge, I was so, so happy. As I ran across it, through the thick layer of fog, the fog horns were sounding. It was my bliss!

After running across the span of the bridge I considered running down Lincoln Blvd to simulate the first half of SFM. But that meant I would have to run back up Lincoln to finish and I just didn't have it in me. So after coming off the bridge, I ran through Crissy Field again and then finished the last few miles with an out and back along the Marina Green.

Overall it was a pretty good run. I was really happy with and felt like I pushed myself, especially on the up and down hills.

Sun, 5/5:

+ 10K Run

This morning's run was the anti-thesis of yesterday's run -- terrible. I've been running at Sawyer Camp on Sundays. It's mostly shaded which allows me to sleep in a little and still run in semi cool temps. These Sunday runs have been very mellow; i.e., Garmin-free. But today's workout had some pickups at specific paces mixed in so I wore my Garmin and hated it. I felt robbed of my low-key Sunday runs that I have come to love. I also strained a calf during one of the pickups.


As bad as today's run was, it was really the only bad one I've had in the past three weeks. Physically I've dealt with a niggle or two here and there, but for the most part, things have felt pretty well. Mentally, the past three weeks have been some of the best I've had in I'd say almost two years. I feel like I've gotten "comfortable with being uncomfortable again." Does that make any sense?

I know that every run isn't going to be good, but I just hope today's bad one doesn't erase all the progress I've felt over the past three weeks and set me back to where I was before.