Weeks 34, 35, 36

Life has been so busy as of late and I haven't blogged as much as I would like to. I always have so many thoughts floating around in my head but just haven't had the time to put them into words. It's also been several weeks since I did my weekly recaps so here's a summary. I tried to make it as brief as I could:

Week 34, August 21-27

Run: Ran 4 times - 8 miles - 6 miles - 5 miles - 13.1 at The Giant Race Half-Marathon

Spin: 1 session

Swim: Swam once - 2250 meters

Yoga: 2 sessions

Strength Training: 2 sessions - 1 Core class - 1 session of TRX and Kettle bells

Rest: 1 day

Week 35, August 28 - September 3 Run: Ran once - 6 miles

Spin: 2 sessions

Swim: Swam once - 2600 meters

Yoga: 2 sessions - 1st Bikram class ever!

Strength Training: 1 session - TRX

Rest: 2 days

Week 36, September 4 - 10 Run: 3 times - 10 miles - 6 miles - 6 miles

Spin: 2 sessions

Swim: None - so sad :(

Yoga: 7 sessions!!!! - Took a class every day of the week for 8 consecutive days of yoga!

Strength Training: 3 sessions - 3 TRX sessions, one intermixed kettle bells and weights

Rest Days: None

Although I didn't have any rest days, I felt like I didn't need one since the previous week was pretty light. Overall I am so happy with how Week 36 went. I got in every workout that I wanted to. The added yoga required a lot of extra schedule coordination, but I think it is worth it.

I've told a few friends that if I didn't start doing yoga, I honestly think I was on the road to yet another injury. It is making a huge different in the way my body feels. My muscles don't feel quite as tight and I am more aware of how I am feeling; like I'm more in-tuned with my body.

I was lucky because my work schedule required me to work till 10 pm every night last week, so I had the opportunity to try some mid-day yoga classes that I normally wouldn't be able to. It was nice to experiment with the different type of class offerings and see the effects that the various types of yoga had not just on my body, but on my mind as well. I felt more focused.

Every week won't be like Week 36, but if I had to pick an ideal week, this one would be it.