Weeks 5 & 6 of 2012

I skipped writing a Weekly Workout Recap last week. I contemplated just not doing it altogether but the OCD in me got really bugged when I missed weeks last year so I'm recapping 2 weeks worth of workouts in this post.

Week 5: Sunday, January 29 - Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sunday, January 29

Plan Rest Day

Actual 8-mile Run recapped here.

Monday, January 30

Plan 1-hr Spin Strength Training

Actual AM: 30-min Strength Training: actually it was Physical Therapy Exercises (PTX) but I count it as Strength Training PM: 90-min Bikram Yoga Class

Tuesday, January 31

Plan 1-hour Run (15-min easy, 30-min speed stuff, 15 min easy)

Actual AM: 6.06-mile Run in 01:02:17 - 10:16 pace PM: 90-min Bikram Yoga Class + PTX

Wednesday, February 1

Plan Brick Workout (30-min Spinning, 30-min Running)

Actual AM: Brick Workout (30-min Bike Trainer, 3.16-mile Run in 00:30:01- 9:29 pace) PM: PTX

Thursday, February 2

Plan 40-min Run (increasing pace every 10 min)

Actual AM: 4.49-mile Run in 40-min - 8:54 pace PM: PTX

Friday, February 3

Plan Yoga

Actual AM: 90-min Bikram Yoga Class PM: PTX

Saturday, February 4

Plan 20-min Run

Actual 2-mile Untimed Run

Overall it was a pretty routine week; nothing to complain about.

Week 6: Sunday, February 5 - Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday, February 5

Plan Half-Marathon

Actual Kaiser Half-Marathon

Monday, February 6

Plan Strength Training Yoga

Actual 2-hour Thai Massage (basically passive yoga)

Tuesday, February 7

Plan 1-hour Spin

Actual 1-hr Bike Trainer + PTX

Normally this workout would be done at 6 am, but I kept putting it off until I finally guilted myself into doing it at 8 pm.

Wednesday, February 8

Plan 5-mile Run of Speed stuff

Actual 5.20-mile Run in of Speed stuff with heavy emphasis on the "walking recovery" part in 57:06 - 10:58 pace + PTX

Another workout that would normally have been done in the early AM that didn't happen until late in the afternoon after a full day of procrastination.

Thursday, February 9

Plan 1-hour Spin

Actual Unplanned Rest Day

Friday, February 10

Plan Strength Training Yoga

Actual 1-hour Bike Trainer while watching Jeremy Lin score 38 pts over the Lakers + PTX

Saturday, February 11

Plan 14-mile Run

Actual Unplanned Rest Day

Sunday, February 12

Plan Rest Day

Actual The Two-Faced 14-mile Run recapped here

This week was a different story from the previous one. After Sunday's race, the rest of the week went downhill. What became known as "the car ordeal" week made me pretty much a hermit, stranded at home with no transportation.

Workout wise, this should not have been an issue. I worked from home all week and had all the flexible time in the world to workout. Other than swimming and yoga, I am more than equipped to do all my workouts at home. I can run around my neighborhood, ride my Bike Trainer and use my TRX for strength training - all things I already do now. Technically, I could have even popped in a Yoga DVD and practiced at home.

I don't know what happened - maybe I had too much extra time on my hands, I know I worked much longer hours than when I go into the office. Maybe I was stressed about the whole car situation. All I know is that I felt like all motivation had been sucked out of me. I had low no energy week.

But my car is fixed (fingers crossed) and I'm back to my usual schedule. Oddly enough, I was so excited for Monday to arrive; that's how excited to go into the office today. Here's to a bounce back week!