My car has been on the DL since Saturday evening when it died out on me as I was driving. I picked up a car rental that evening that I used to get to Sunday's race, and to take care of a few mandatory errands. But it has since been returned (do you have any idea how much a rental costs these days?!?) and I've been stuck at home all week.

I'm fortunate to have a job where I can work from home (WFH), which is what I've been doing all week. Normally I work from home 1 day per week, but going into my 5th day in a row (I also WFH'd last Friday), it is driving me batty.

I find myself working longer than normal hours, sitting on my couch for 7+ hrs/day. This poor posture has been brutal on my body. And other than my workouts, I've been completely sedentary, and I feel so lethargic. I’ve gone to new levels of laziness that even I have never seen.

I take pride in being able to manage work/life balance. Normally, other than monitoring email on my work cell phone I try not to think about work while at home. I like to maintain a separation and have my home just be for home things. This week I’ve slept terribly and have found myself waking up at 3 am thinking about work emails that I need to send.

It feels so unhealthy.

It's funny; I always thought I'd love a job where I could WFH full time, if anything, for the flexible schedule. Now I understand that I should be more structured about it - have a designated work area and schedule time to take breaks. Learn something new every day…

As for my car, it was towed to my mechanics on Monday. At first examination they could not find anything wrong with it, but after 3 test drives they finally were able to replicate what I experienced. A diagnostic test showed a problem that I won't even begin to explain, but after Googling the diagnostic code, and reading online forums, it sounds like it’s the problem that I experienced. It also seems to be a common problem with the type of car I drive because the replacement part that needs to be repaired is out of stock in Northern California and has to be flown in from Southern California. Once that repair is made they'll have to do another evaluation to see if it wholly fixes the problem. Fingers crossed.

I’m hoping I’ll get my car back in time for the weekend; but at this point, all I'm seeing are $$$.

So until then all errands are being done by foot, such a new experience in suburbia.