What Happened on Wednesday

Its barely after 8 pm and I'm already ready for bed. Actually, I've been dozing for the past 2 hours already. Waking up before 4 am will do that to you. I *almost* skipped writing this post, but since I committed to being back to blogging only yesterday, I have to write something! But since I'm barely coherent, this will be short and fairly random.

Two things highlighted my day:

1. Despite the semi-insomnia, I was able to get some quality workouts in this morning. As with every Wednesday and Friday, I went to the 6 am Strength, Conditioning and Core class at Gold's. The first 30 minutes are Strength & Conditioning, and the last 30 minutes is Core Training. Its such a valuable workout, and I want to write more about it, only we do weird stuff that's really hard to describe. (Check out last Friday's class)

In a nutshell, the highlights from today's class were:

- Swinging squats, then a progression of quad presses to crawls (like Spiderman), then forward + backward crawls with push-ups, culminating with multi-directional crawls + push-ups + burpees.

- For the Core portion of class we did spinal rotations, crunches, L-shaped side planks, then added a rotation to low planks, supermans, stretches.

I love this class because we use all different muscle groups, not just the traditional ones you normally use in a traditional weights class. Our instructor is very mindful of our fitness activities outside of class and gears our workouts to better prepare our bodies for them.

After the gym I came home, changed my shoes, grabbed my iPod and Garmin and headed out for 4-miles. I normally would have done this in the evening after work, but its been overcast and cool in the mornings that I wanted to take advantage of the weather.

-- Okay, that was only partially true. The Giants are in Houston and the game started at 5 pm and I wanted to watch it. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I was so tired that I slept through most of the game and they lost. --

Back to the run - I really like doing it right after the gym class. Makes me feel like I had a power workout! Only thing is I'm so famished afterwards that I end up eating all day.

2. The other thing that made my day was this new music web site that Danica posted called "Stereo Mood." You just pick the mood you're in and it plays music that matches it. How awesome is that?! Sometimes I get tired of the music on my iPod, or I want to save it and only listen to while running, so this is great.

For once, it was a low-key day at work - no meetings, no interruptions, no surprises, and I was able to get a lot done while listening to some "Quiet" music. This is seriously going to transform my work day!

Okay this post actually turned out longer than I expected it would. I'm off to catch some zzz. As you can see, last night wasn't so restful.


I'm hoping for a boring chart in the morning.