What's Next?

I'm on vacation all week contemplating my next goal. The Seattle race was my goal for the past six months. Now that its done, I need something else lined up to work towards. Having a goal, keeps me motivated and focused. As I lounge around lazily this week (mental health week), I'm trying to decide on my next half -- the Las Vegas Rock n Roll half marathon on December 6 (birthday weekend) or the Arizona Rock n Roll half marathon in January. I'm leaning towards Vegas since its also an inaugural race.

My goal for my next half marathon is not so much about the race itself, but rather to focus on race preparation. I want to train properly and avoid any injuries training for it.

Also, as I mentioned in previous posts, I don't know how to swim. I know that sounds ironic for someone from Hawai'i. Yes, I can stay afloat and tread water, but no, I don't know proper form and breathing. So I just signed up for swim lessons! Classes begin on July 13th and I'm so excited!

My goal is to learn to swim during the second half of this year and pick up cycling as well...

Can you see where I'm going with this? 2010 BHAG: a triathalon!