What's Next {aka Fear the Race}

I made it all of eight days without being registered for a marathon. The truth is, within hours after NYCM being cancelled I knew what I wanted to do next.

But in that moment I was so emotional about the race being cancelled that I had a "West Coast Bias full court press" going on. So I forced myself to take some time to mull over it and make sure it was not just a reactive decision, but one that I truly wanted.

A week later, I haven't changed my mind. So this afternoon this officially happened:


Yep, I'm taking the plunge to run 26.2 in San Francisco. {now please excuse me while I puke}

I have run bothhalves, the 2nd Half twice even, but I have never attempted the Full.

I have wanted to for so long but have always been afraid.

Afraid because of...well, because of this:


Okay, this maybe a slight exaggeration. While this is an actual street in San Francisco it's not on the race course.

But there are many, many, MANY other hills on the course. It's why so many runners fear SFM.

It's why I fear SFM.

But the time has come for me to conquer my fear of hills and there is no better place to do than in the City I love most in this entire world.

But SFM isn't until June and I'm not spending the next seven months focusing on it.

Well I am, but you know what I mean; I have other goals in the interim.

Like focusing on strength and mobility. Five months of physical therapy taught me where I need to build strength - thus the TRX Bootcamp classes that provide a full body workout of cardio, strength, agility and flexibility.

I could also use more conditioning so for right now I asked my coach to plan shorter interval running workouts with more emphasis intensity and less focus on volume.

I'm also planning to run the Kaiser Half-Marathon in February. I PR'd at this race earlier this year so I'm looking forward to seeing what I can do at next year's race.

So, who's joining me?