When You Can't Run...

(I originally wrote this last Thurs, 9/24, but only getting around to posting it now.) It really sucks when you can't run because it hurts too much. My foot was still being a pest so I've taken a couple of days off. Not one to stay inactive, I decided to return to yoga, something I'd been needing and wanting to do for a long time.


I used to practice yoga at least once a week but I stopped when I got injured back in April. I probably could have gone back to yoga in June, but I was lazy and never did. I think I was a little burnt out on it. In class I used to position myself so I could see the clock and used to count down the minutes till the 90-minute class was over. The pace was too slow for me. And my yoga teacher, while excellent, expected people to be there to become yogis. He even once told me to give up all other activities and only do yoga. He didn't get that I only did yoga to make the other activities that I prefer to do, easier. I probably would have given up on it a long time ago but one of my doctors had told me that the key to aging was flexibility = yoga. So it was one of those things that I did because it was good for me, but didn't really like it.

(I actually found my perfect yoga class at Lululemon. It was called "Hip Hop Happy Hour Yoga" and was on Friday's at 5:30 pm. I loved it - the music blasted throughout the store and the class was designed for people who were athletes who did yoga to balance their bodies. Sadly, it was only offered for a month and the teacher then left for the summer.)

So last night I returned to class for the first time in five months and I realized how much I really missed it. I was happy to see Jean-Ives (my instructor) and the other regulars. The class started off a little tough; my muscles were really tight, but it was as if Jean-Ives knew exactly what my body needed. We did all the poses that my physical therapists has me doing for my treatment - pigeon pose, upward-dog, baby cobra and uttanasana (forward bend). We also did a lot of core work, which I really needed because my core is so sad right now). By the end class I felt much more relaxed, physically and mentally.


I felt so good that I went to lunchtime yoga at work today. My company offers a yoga class every Thursdays at lunch and I had not gone in months either. I always get scheduled for meetings or forget to bring yoga clothes. But today I made a point of going and was glad I did. It was a different teacher, with a different style. Jean-Ives always uses the sanskrit names for poses, so when I take a class from someone who uses the modern names, I get confused and feel so lame. But this instructor was patient, the class was awesome and my physical therapist was so happy I went.

You know how some people say they run just for the runner's high (I'm one of them). Well I practice yoga just for savasana (corpse pose). At the end of class, the teacher turns down the lights and we just lay there in silence, sometimes listening to the instructor's voice cool us down. Its seriously my favorite part of the whole class. I get so relaxed that sometimes I actually fall asleep and start dreaming.