Winding Down...

With the Vegas Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon only six days away, I'm nearing the end of my 16-week training schedule. This is the second race that I've used the Active Trainer training schedule. Its worked well for my schedule and capabilities. The plan called for six miles at conversation pace on Saturday. And that's exactly what I did. I had no ambitions for this run; no goal time or anything spectacular. I just wanted to do a nice 'n easy run and try the new songs on my play list.

I got off to a late start because I slept in till 7:30 am which is REALLY late for me. But it was worth it. I'm so hit and miss with sleep so when I'm able to get 8 hours or more, I'll take it. The weather was beautiful but a little windy which made me have to use a little more effort than I wanted to. I used the same outfit that I wore on the 12-mile run last week which is also what I plan to wear during the race. The weather was a little warmer than last week but the top still worked well and I wasn't too hot, or too cold.

I also am trying to break-in a new pair of shoes. After the 9-miler two weeks ago, I felt like it was time to start breaking in a new pair. I used to use Brooks but I started getting blisters on my arches (weird, I know). My podiatrist (who's a runner too) recommended New Balance to me, so a little over a year ago I switched brands. I always buy shoes one size larger than what I wear for normal shoes and (knock on wood), I haven't had any more problems with blisters, black toenails or any other foot/shoe-related problems. I started with the 1223's, then moved to the 1224's and now they just replaced the 1224's with the 1225's.


I've been using my 1224s for longer runs, while trying to break in the new 1225s on shorter distances. Saturday's six miles was the longest distance I'd run with the 1225's and its been the most difficult pair of shoes I've ever had to break in. The first time I used it I laced it up wrong and bruised the top front of my foot. It was pretty uncomfortable for a few days and I thought I had all the kinks worked out. I'd done a couple of shorter runs with them and they felt good, but on Saturday, they just felt awkward. The shoe is supposed to be lighter but to me it just feels bulkier. I have another two weeks left before my 30-day trial period expires so I'm going to use it a few more times on shorter distances and hope feels better.

As for Vegas, I'm going to stick to my 1224s. They have at least one long run left in them.

Shortly after I was done running on Saturday I received word that my Grandma has passed away. While I knew this day would eventually come, I didn't expect it to happen so soon. I was really upset and my post-run ritual just didn't happen. I didn't do an ice bath (I don't even know you do an ice bath after only 6 miles; all I know is that it takes away the soreness...) or stretch so I woke up sore on Sunday. My hamstring was screaming at me . I decided to go for a swim to stretch out my legs. I haven't swam in over a month but the weather was perfect for it. I swam for about 30 minutes and it really helped relieve some of the tightness in both legs.

This morning I was supposed to go out for an easy 40-minute run but I'm still hurting so I slept in a little longer and then did my PT exercises with lots of foam-rolling and stretching. There's no need for me to push myself now with race day only six days away. Instead, I'm looking forward to going to Yoga Tune-up tonight.