I have loved WWF Wrestling since I was a little kid. I'm not going to call it WWE because it will always be the WWF to me. My Grandma Jean got me started watching it. I remember, it must have been about the 5th grade or so, watching it on Saturday afternoons in her living room. I distinctly remember Adrian Adonis. I loved watching the Saturday morning cartoons with Hulk Hogan's gang vs Rowdy Roddy Piper's gang. In Intermediate school, my Grandma subscribed to the WWF magazine for us and I used to stay up late to watch the Saturday Night Main Event that came on at 10:30 pm on Saturday nights. When Wrestlemania first started, we didn't have cable so I used to call my relatives on Oahu who would give me the play-by-play. Hulk Hogan, Macho Man, Superfly Jimmy Snuka, Ricky The Dragon Steamboat, The Hart Foundation - were all my favorites.

My interest waned in high school and college, but when I moved to the Bay Area, Uncle Jerry watched it all the time and I got back into it again. Stone Cold, The Rock and especially Triple H were my favorites. I totally remember being in Uncle's living room one night, watching the night that Stephanie McMahon turned on her Dad and sided with Triple H. Ohmigosh, I was so hooked. Shari and I actually went to the live WWF events at the San Jose Arena - on several different occasions. We even made signs to hold up. In fact, one time, we made glitter signs and Shari got sign from the glue and we had to take her to emergency. Of course, we still went to the event. I think a few times, Jeff came with us and once, we spotted Bobby Estalella (then the Giants catcher) in the crowd. Of course, Shari and I plowed down the crowd and chased him down until we got an autograph from him. :)

I haven't watched WWF in a few years but learned that Ric Flair just retired. Last night was his farewell tribute. Jeff said it was so good and all these old-timers were there so I looked it up on Youtube. No one does tributes better than the WWF...and I admit, this made me shed a tear or two....

This is Part 1:

This is Part 2: