Workout Music


AM: Strength Training

PM: Spin

Question for Spinners: What is the purpose of quick in/out of saddle moves? (Sorry, I don’t know the proper term of it). We did a ton of them in Spin class tonight, and it was hard and annoying. Seriously, what is the purpose of it? Inquiring minds need to know…

A friend of mine asked me where I find workout music. I have 3 main sources:

1. Group Exercise Classes

• I have been known to use Shazam in a Spin class to find out what song is playing. • I also used to take a ton of Les Mills classes and would Google the current release to see what the names of songs were. • Instructors have also lent me CD’s of their workout music to download.

2. iTunes

• I look to see what songs are on the Top Charts lists. • Recommendations from my Genius lists • I see what music people I follow on Ping have recently purchased.

3. Other People’s Blogs

• I love it when other people post their playlists! I have gotten so many great tunes from it! The most recent post I’ve read is Page’s Boston Marathon Playlist – great stuff! I will be downloading more than a few songs from it!

So here’s my current Burn list:


For regular workouts, I just use the same list and keep adding songs to it, but I’ll create a specific list for a race.

If you have any suggestions, send them over!

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