Yoga Gone Bad

AM: Spin + Core ClassPM: Yoga

Today was a pretty non-descript day. In fact, I almost skipped writing a post today because I didn’t really have much to say.

I woke up at 4:30 am, got out of bed at 4:45 am, ate breakfast and was at the gym by 5:15 am. I did a spin workout solo in the spin studio, then went to my regular Monday 6:30 am Core Class.

Doris (instructor) worked us out hard today. We used these inflatable balance discs...


...which provided lots of instability as we did various abdominal exercises. It forced us to engage our core. Then she tortured us with hip flexor exercises. All the usual stuff.

Then I had a crazy busy day at work and was mentally exhausted by the time 5 pm rolled around. I was looking forward to finding my zen at yoga.

At the beginning of each yoga class Alex (instructor) usually has these profound words of wisdom he drops on us that I ponder the entire time. But tonight, he had us talk to a neighbor, someone we didn’t know, to ask them what healthy things they are trying to change in their life. What they said was supposed to be our mantra to think about during class. I felt bad for the lady I spoke to because I said that the thing I was trying to change was to get more sleep. Not sure how that helped her.

It was a challenging class – lots of shoulder work and lunges. I was sweating up a storm and it wasn’t even bikram!

Towards the end of the class Alex walked us through a few poses to prep us to do a Revolved Triangle Chaturanga. Let’s say that again -- Revolved. Triangle. Chaturanga. I didn’t even know what that was until tonight.

Here’s how it goes:

- Start in downward dog

- Turn your left foot outward and move your right leg in between your left arm and leg. Essentially in a triangle pose but on your side. Rest your hips on the floor.

- Keeping your lower body facing to the left, rotate your upper body so that it’s facing forward, bringing your forearms on your mat and eventually work your forehead down to rest on your hands.

- Then push your upper body up into a Chaturanga position, lifting both legs. Essentially a Chaturanga but your legs are sideways in a triangle pose.

Well I did it on both sides, but my right oblique wasn’t happy about it. In fact, it is downright upset about it. As soon as class ended I asked Alex if I was supposed to feel it there and he said yes, but I think I felt it a little too much.

It’s now been 2 hours after class and it still hurts. I came home and iced it. I hope it will feel better tomorrow. If not, Icy Hot will be come my best friend.

All this being said, I think it was worth it because I’m pretty thrilled that I could hold the pose on both sides, if only for several seconds. I know, I’m nuts.

This is the closest image I could find of it:


{image source}

Except my pose had both legs straight and only about an inch off the ground.