Your Trainer

I just got done watching a tivo’d episode of The Biggest Loser season premiere. The biggest dilemma on the show was whether to train with Bob and Jillian, or go to “The Unknowns.” (I get such a kick out of them calling the other 2 trainers that). While I find it a bit silly that there was so much trepidation about going to “The Unknowns” (I mean come on, like they are really going to have less than the best trainers on the show? Its reputation is at stake.), I understand about the importance of having a good relationship with your trainer. It can make all the difference in the world. And thankfully, I have a great relationship with mine. In fact, I just had a training session with him this morning!


{this super old photo at a niner game cracks me up everytime}

Dave first became my trainer in 2004. This was the very start of my journey to adopting an active lifestyle and he was there with me from Day One - the day that I couldn’t even do one push-up (although it’s still debatable if I can even do them today...). He put me through workouts where I could barely walk or straighten my arms the next day, and taught me that I should eat bananas after those really tough sessions.

In fact, he was the person who first made me run. He took me to the high school track and made me run a 10-minute mile, and wouldn’t let us leave until I did. And I’ve been running every since. (Ironically, these days, he refuses to run with me.)

He taught me to push myself further than what I thought possible. He’s heard all my excuses, and knows all of my stalling tactics, but patiently puts up with them while still making me do the workout. While we’ve had bad sessions, I’d say 95% of them have been good. Very good.

Which is why I went back to him after a hiatus of a couple of years and asked me to help me strength train again. I hadn’t done much strength training in recent years, which, I believe, has contributed so some of the ailments I suffered last year. So for the past few months, he's been coming to my house every Wednesday morning at 6:30 am to train me. And I think it’s really made a difference. I did not realize how much strength I had lost.

A lot of people wonder about making an investment in a trainer. To those people I say it’s worth it. Period. Especially to those who have never worked out before. A trainer will educate you on the proper way to workout. They will also correct your form and make sure you are doing things properly. But most of all, they:

- Take the thinking out of it for you. All you do is show up and do as you are told. - Are there for moral support to keep your head in the game and your outlook positive.

I can honestly say that without a personal trainer I would never have:

- Lost 40 lbs and gone down 4 sizes - Found a love for running - Maintain this lifestyle change for the past 7 years

Its the start of a new year; a time when a lot of people are attempting to change their lives. If you’re contemplating making the investment in a trainer, I say go for it. Nothing’s more important than your health.

PS The workouts that "The Unknown" trainers are putting the Biggest Loser contestants through look AWESOME! It honestly made me consider going down to the boxing gym and signing up for some classes again.

PPS On an unrelated note, after this morning’s strength training session I went to the track this evening for a 10K run. The run went pretty well, but...ouch! My feet could feel the effects of wearing pointy-toed high-heeled shoes for the past few days. For you ladies who run, have you given up heels altogether?