The List of People and Things that Don't Ever Disappoint

Today I read an article about things that don't disappoint. Those people and things that always remain faithful and deliver on what's expected of them.

"I know I probably should have outgrown this by now, but somehow I'm always surprised when someone--or something--lets me down...what accompanies sunny optimism all too often is the surprising disappointments that comes when something--or someone--fails you. You have to think to yourself, "Well, I should have seen that one coming. But you never learn and it happens all over again."
-Real Simple, January 2008

So then it got me thinking about my list of non-disappointments. Who and what has always been there for me?

1. Doris' and Adriana's 6 am Classes at Golds: Kickboxing, Core, Body Pump, Reps, Total Body Workouts. I can always count on these ladies for a kick butt workout.

2. Chippy: They say a dogs' love is pure. Its true! Chip Gifford Ellison is the best dog ever! He wants nothing but love. He likes to play tug of war and loves to cuddle. He obeys on command and gets sad when someone leave. And even if you have to leave him outside in the cold when no one's home he still gives loves and make you feel like the most important person in the world. Best dog ever!

3. TiVo: There was a Sex and the City episode where Miranda called TiVo her boyfriend because unlike Steve, it was always there and came through. So true, it is! I set-up Season Passes and it records every episode of those shows. Law and Orders. Friends. Project Runway. October Road. Biggest Loser. Brother and Sisters. Dancing with the Stars. Ugly Betty. Greys Anatomy. What Not to Wear. Amazing Race. I always have something to watch that's commercial-free.

4. My Abercrombie Jeans: It is a challenge to find the perfect pair of jeans. It takes months of research, tons of advice from my friends, and I have to designate an entire day to find the pair that perfectly fits in all the right places. My current favorite is Abercrombie's Madison jeans that I got on the advice from one of my most trusted friends, and on the discount of her husband (which makes it even better). It feels great every time every time I wear it and I've yet to have a fat day in far. The rise, the wash and the fit -- perfect!

5. An In 'n Out Double-Double: No Cheese. No Spread. No Fries. Perfect.

6. Grease: "Summer-lovin' had me a blast..." - always the feel-good movie!

7. Kady: hilarious, pragmatic, creative, excellent taste, sarcastic

8. Wikipedia: From history to Magnum PI, Wikipedia has the answers for everything.

9. De: Daily IM chats, random conversations about everything and nothing and texts that make me feel good!

10. MAC "O" Lipstick: After years of searching, I've finally found the best lipstick color for me. Its red, but not too red. Bold but not overdone. Universal. And with Raw Refined lip liner, it stands out even better.

So why don't you give it a thought and write your own List? You'll develop a true appreciation for those things that make the cut. You won't be disappointed!


I discovered a new little treasure today - this fabulous gaming invention called "Wii." Apparently its the hottest new thing. My little cousin Riley got one for Christmas, so for 6 straight hours today we played tennis, bowling, golf, baseball and boxing. What an outstanding piece of entertainment this thing is! Not only do you get a strength and cardio workout (I seriously built some new arm muscles pitching fastballs), you improve your coordination and have fun doing it too! I wish I had this on my Christmas wish list!

PS Now for the next 6 hours...Guitar Hero 3...


in the past year i’ve traveled to some pretty cool (far away) places.

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