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Five Days in Arizona

I’ve been to 16 of the last 19 years of Spring Training, and this year is the longest trip of all – 10 days.

I normally make the annual pilgrimage to the Cactus League with my Bay Area cousins (and fellow SF Giants fans) but they weren’t able to make it this year. So instead, I’m visiting my Pacific Northwest cousin Jenna…

My cousin Jenna at the Great Wall in China

My cousin Jenna at the Great Wall in China

…who now lives here. Her Mom (my aunt) also flew down from the PNW. I also have another aunt who lives here, as well as my sister so it’s been somewhat of a Girls Trip.

I’m five days into my trip, and the time has flown by; I can hardly believe it’s already Friday. Technically today is my last “vacation day”, as I’m actually back to work on Monday even though I’m staying in AZ through next Wednesday.

I’ve spent the past five days…

…Going to Spring Training Baseball Games

+ SFG’s vs. White Sox at Camelback Ranch

This was my first trip to this ballpark. The White Sox share it with the Dodgers so I really didn’t have any interest to visit, but since the G’s were playing here I decided it was as good of a time as any to make my (likely) once-and-only visit.

The park itself is really nice. Parking was free and the lawn area was really nice and spacious. And I was able to get a seat with this view at the last minute.

SF Giants vs CHI White Sox at Camelback Ranch

SF Giants vs CHI White Sox at Camelback Ranch

+ SFG’s vs. Indians at Scottsdale Stadium

Welcome to Scottsdale Stadium!

Welcome to Scottsdale Stadium!

My seat wasn’t as good at Scottsdale Stadium…

The view at Scottsdale Stadium from Section 315.

The view at Scottsdale Stadium from Section 315.

Ever since the G’s won the World Series in 2010 it is hard to get a ticket to a Spring Training game. Back in the day we used to be able to walk up to the ticket office and get lawn seats for $5. These days, you really have to purchase them in advance.

But the seat that I had was fine, and it was right next to my favorite food in the park.

It was fun to be among “my people.” SFG fans are passionate – even in a Spring Training game.


+ Ballpark Food

Speaking of ballpark food, the food at Camelback Ranch was so boring and uninteresting. All they had were hotdogs and pizza. There weren’t any healthy options.

However, it’s a whole different story at Scottsdale Stadium. Like AT&T Park, there’s the traditional boring stuff like at Camelback Ranch, but there’s also BBQ, Jamba Juice, etc. My personal favorite is:

Island Noodles Teriyaki Chicken and Vegetables

Island Noodles Teriyaki Chicken and Vegetables

I didn’t think I’d be able to have this now that I’m eating gluten-free, but they offered to make a batch of noodle-free veggies for me so I could still have it. It was just as good as I remembered; I savored every bite.

However, I do have a confession. As much as I’ve stayed committed to eating gluten-free, I faltered on my “no refined sugar” goal. I gave in to temptation and had this:

Chocolate Soft Serve Ice Cream with Peanut Toppings

Chocolate Soft Serve Ice Cream with Peanut Toppings

What can I say? The weather was hot, ice cream is my weakness, and it looked good. And it was SO GOOD. But as soon as I was done eating it I felt eaters’ remorse. I also paid for it dearly. My lactose intolerant stomach ached for two days and I had the worst headache ever. I’d like to say that it was enough suffering for me never to have ice cream again…however, the Kona Coffee Ice Cream Sundae at The Yardhouse is calling my name…I can hear it…

…And working out

+ Running

I’ve run three times on this trip. Scenes from the run:

Run #1, 30-min

Run #1, 30-min

Run #2, 35-min along the Grand Canal (see how big the "canal" is?)

Run #2, 35-min along the Grand Canal (see how big the “canal” is?)

Run #3, 35-min - on the grass around the Great Lawns

Run #3, 35-min – on the grass around the Great Lawns

While all three runs went well; i.e., the muscle strain wasn’t an issue, they were all hard. I always struggle working out on vacation and it took every ounce of motivation for me to get the minimal miles in. The Arizona heat didn’t help either. But at least there it was overcast on this morning’s run.

I’ve also…

…done a little swimming…

…been to a hot yoga class (blog post coming soon)…

…and went hiking!

Hiked Pinnacle Peak!

Hiked Pinnacle Peak!

(blog post on the hike is also in the works!)

We’re heading to Sedona this weekend for more hiking and adventures. I’ve never been to Sedona before and I’m really excited to see what it has to offer!

2011 Was A Good Year

Earlier this month, when I first started thinking about 2011, all I could think about was the 2 DNF’s I had this year. And then I didn’t want to reflect upon the year anymore. But I’ve had a lot of downtime during this week’s staycation, looked beyond those 2 unfortunate incidents and found that there was a lot of good that happened this year:

I ran my first (and so far only) trail race at the Coyote Hills Half Marathon.

I got a few PR’s:

– The half-marathon distance and didn’t even realize it until 6 months later while on Athlinks.
– The 10K distance.
– The one marathon I did complete this year was 17-min PR.

I embraced yoga, which has become an integral part of my life.

I only had 2 “down” months (June and December) due to injury, which is pretty good for me.

I got an iPad and have read the most books since winning the 2nd grade readathon.

I traveled and was able to spend a lot of time with my family and close friends.

I went to the NKOTBSB concert.

I took stand-up paddle-boarding lessons.

I learned how to ride a bike again.

After being separated for 4+ years, I reunited with Laduree.

I went to Spring Training — twice!…

…then to a lot of Giants games…

…including Opening Day when they raised 2010 World Series Banner…

…and Opening Night, when the players get their championship rings. And I also got a high-five from Brian Wilson during the Giant Race.

I came to understand what nutrition is right for my body, which has completely changed how I eat and what I eat – for the better.

I realized and am grateful that I have a solid team supporting me:

– Smart people who advise me: a personal trainer, running coach, nutritionist, therapist, chiropractor, massage therapist, a studio full of yoga instructors…

– Surrounded by lots of family and friends…

…who love me…

– And a running community who continues to motivate and inspire me. These folks aren’t just “fellow bloggers” or “Twitter friends” anymore – they have become real-life friends and some of the closest ones that I have.

I can honestly say that I am ending 2011 in a much better place than where I was when it started. It was a good year and I am looking forward to 2012 being even better.

Oh and let’s not forget that the 49ers are going to the playoffs!

Who’s Got It Better Than Us?!

13 Innings

Last night I went to only my third SF Giants game of the season. And I just realized that this is my first G’s post of the 2011 season. How can that be?

Back in April, I went to the season opener (first home game since winning the World Series) and Opening Night (the night the World Series Rings were awarded). I just realized that I never blogged about that weekend. I’m gonna have to do a “flashback” post of it.

Anyhow, back to last night, it was a great night for ballgame. It was cool, but not windy.

{a snuggie kind of night}

The G’s were facing the Washington Nationals with Timmy Lincecum on the mound, just 5 strikeouts shy of 1000.

It was only fitting that I was there with my cousins – Shari and Jeff (and little J).

{Me and ‘Lil J}

Shari, Jeff and I are the biggest Giants fans. We’ve gone to Spring Training together, gone on road trips together, heck, we’ve even gone to Cooperstown together.

We’ve also witnessed some pretty epic milestones at AT&T Park – Barry’s 600th HR and 300th steal, the entire 2002 post-season home games, Game 1 of the 2010 World Series…and now we can add Timmy’s 1000th strikeout to the list.

Too bad Timmy wasn’t his sharpest and the G’s found themselves down 0-4 early in the game. As such, we found ourselves combing the Club level checking out all the new eats that were added this season…

Like the new “build your own baked potato” bar. I had actually bought a beef brisket sandwich, but when I saw Shari’s baked potato, I gave my sandwich away and bought this baked potato instead:

{baked potato + pulled pork + roasted corn + mushrooms + broccoli}

Since the weather was mild (cool, but not windy), I decided I *had* to have a Ghirardelli sundae. I can’t be at a game and not have either a Ghirardelli sundae or hot chocolate. San Francisco treats:

{7th inning special}

The Giants pulled off yet another comeback and tied the game in the 8th inning. It then went into extras innings. I lost 3 hours of sleep because of those extra innings and felt every bit of it today. Thank goodness they won it in the 13th! The torture continues…