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Week 1 of 2013: Dec 30 – Jan 5

Sun, 12/30:

Rest Day

Mon, 12/31:

4-mile Run: It was very cold in the Bay Area and the route I ran crossed over six docks. I slipped twice and fell on the first two and walked across the other four. A dog that looked like Lassie also chased me. Nice way to end the year, eh?

Tues, 1/1:

31:02-min Run (3.12 miles): I was supposed to run the Brazen 10K but then this happened.

So instead, I ran for 31:02 which my coach listed as inversed for 2013 for good luck.

Followed it up with 35-min of “Yoga for Runners” on video on-demand.

Wed, 1/2:

Quadruple Workout Day?:

8:00 am: 20-min Pilates (from Hulu Plus)
12:30 pm: 45-min Strength Training Workout with Trainer Dave
4:15 pm: 45-min on the Bike Trainer
5:00 pm: 35-min Yoga for Runners

The benefit of working from home…

Thurs, 1/3:

40-min Track Workout (4.08-miles): It was so cold that despite my triple-layered top, gloves and headband covering my ears I was still frozen. I could barely move my fingers to get the car keys out of my pocket to drive home. I took a scalding hot shower and was still cold for the rest of the day.

Later in the day I did the Yoga for Runners workout, followed by a 20-min Pilates Workout

Fri, 1/4:

45-min Strength and Conditioning Workout with Trainer Dave: We met at Seal Point where I did three 1-min planks to warm-up, then did three sets of this circuit:

– 15 Push-ups
– 10 TRX Low Rows
– 15 TRX Squats with Bicep Curls
– Ran up/down stairs (95)
– 15 Burpees

Also did a different video on-demand Yoga workout

Sat, 1/5:

A 2-mile run in preparation for today’s 10K race (race report to come) followed by 25-min Pilates + 35-min Yoga for Runners.


After one week I’ve been able to successfully keep up with my goal of doing 20-min of yoga or Pilates every day. It definitely helps that I’m working from home and can turn on one of the many workouts on Hulu Plus or Comcast’s video on-demand whenever I need a 20-min break. And surprisingly, those workouts are quite good!

Week 9 – February 27 – March 4, 2012

Monday, February 27

1500-yard Swim
Strength Training

1525-yard Swim in 35:29

I continued to swim with the pull buoy, crossing my ankles. Not only is it intense, it also slows me down and makes me lop-sided on one side.

Tuesday, February 28

6-miles of Hills

5.04-miles of Hills (58:48, 11:45 min/mi)

As usual, I took to my workplace for this workout because it’s the only (convenient) place I know of that has a hill that is a quarter mile long. I was supposed to do 8 hill charges, but I only did 6 of them because my bum was hurting (at this time it was still hurting off/on). I figured since the warm-up and cool-down miles that I did were also up the same hill, it counted as the 2 that I skipped.

Wednesday, February 29

1-hr Bike Trainer
1-hr Strength Training

1-hr Bike Trainer
1-hr Strength Training

Trainer Dave introduced 2 new TRX exercises; so instead of a usual circuit, I spent extra time learning the new stuff. After the usual 2-min planks (unfortunately, these have become the norm), 1-min side planks and TRX Atomic Push-ups, we worked on Single Leg Squats with Single Arm Rows. With my bum hurting my balance was terrible; I was falling over every which way. But I managed to finish the 3 sets, then moved on to learn Body Rows with High Y Flies. By the end of the workout my upper body (biceps and lats) were on fire.

Thursday, March 1

1-hr Run

1-hr Run (6.74 miles, 8:54 min/mil)

When I see “1-hr Run” I automatically think “6-miles” but this workout was broken up into 3 segments of 20-minutes with each interval faster than the previous. It ended up being 6.74 miles which threw off my usual 6-mile route so I had to repeat a little of it to get the extra .74 miles in.

Friday, March 2

Strength Training

Bikram Yoga

Saturday, March 3

10-mile Run


Sunday, March 4


10-mile Run (1:37:35, 9:45 min/mi)

Like last week I ran in Golden Gate Park. The first 2 miles were a mix of road and dirt; the 6 middle miles were all on dirt and the last 2 miles backtracked the first 2 miles. Overall it was a pretty uneventful run, which meant it went very well (just how I like it!). Miraculously, the pain in the butt that had plagued me all week went away. I always measure a run by how I feel a few hours afterwards to the next day and I’m happy to say that it’s all good.

The biggest takeaway I had from this week was the importance of doing nothing. All week I obsessed about the bum “issue” (not injury) that I’d been trying to manage. It sprang out from nowhere, taking me by surprise and making the previous knee issue seem minuscule. I would literally spent the workday rotating between sitting on blocks of ice and my trigger point ball. I spent HOURS foam rolling and stretching and I won’t even mention the countless symptoms that I had googled.

By Friday I was so exhausted and over it that I decided to just stop and do nothing. Relieve my mind from thinking about it and rest the body from the frantic rehab. I switched my Rest Day from Sunday to Saturday and didn’t even think about it. And you know what? It worked.

I also got glorious, unmedicated, RESTFUL sleep. Almost 10 hrs on Friday and Saturday, which is almost unheard of for me. I felt like a new person.

I guess sometimes all we need is mindful rest and the mind and body will just work itself out.