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Running, Lately

When we last left off I had been doing a lot of plyos and knee strengthening exercises, and was about to start giving running a go.

So I did an “easy” 40-min run last Tuesday. I say “easy” but it was anything but that. What was once an easy pace now felt like my lungs were about to explode. The good news is that the knee held up! In fact, it felt fine on the run, although it felt a little “locked up” in the few hours after it.

I continued with the cross-training and strength building workouts for the rest of the week. I also took a Spin class at my new gym taught by a local runner!

I ran again this past Sunday at the DSE 6-hour Endurance Classic. Long time readers will be familiar with this “race” because I also ran it in…




Everyone from last year showed up again this year; its like our annual thing!

I love this “race” (in reality its a supported long run) because you can run for as long or short as you want! This year my coach told me to run for 45 min which is exactly what I did.

Again I had no knee issues during, and now even after the race. Doing my daily physical therapy exercises, using the tens machine, and focusing on strengthening my knees and hips has made a huge difference.

Unfortunately those things do not help my cardio endurance which is at ground zero right now.

To say running has been humbling lately is an understatement.

A few weeks ago I purchased a new HR monitor that I read about on DC Rainmaker’s blog. There are a few things I love about this HR monitor, specifically:

1. It goes around your forearm vs under your boobs – no chafing.
2. Its rechargeable – no need to figure out batteries.
3. Its compatible to ANT+ and bluetooth so it can also be used at the gym.

My previously easy paces are now Zone 6.

I’ve had (many) injuries in the past but coming back from them didn’t feel as hard as it does right now (or maybe I have short-term memory?).

But then, during @veganrunningmom’s spin class I had an epiphany (probably because it was the hardest I’ve worked in a spin class in ages).

I realized that during my previous injuries I was still a gym rat and still did intense cardio workouts. But this time around I haven’t so it’s not wonder I feel so out of shape.

So now that my knee is feeling better my focus is on building up my cardio again.

Yesterday I ran a 45-min interval workout that felt great (and still no knee pain!). Today I did a 30-min jump rope workout (15 x 1-min intervals with 1-min recovery) and tomorrow I am running stairs.

I have a lot of work ahead of me but I’m excited for it

Life Lately…

Despite my good intentions I have yet to resume any sort of blogging consistency. It’s always my intention to do so, but whether it happens is always a crap shoot.

Anyhow, here’s quick rundown of what’s been going on lately:


There hasn’t been a whole lot of running going on lately. I had planned to run the See Jane Run 5K two weeks ago, as well as the Golden Gate 10K today. But my right knee has been acting up so I skipped both.

The knee has actually bothered me for months. When I straighten it after its been bent it hurts like a mother. But it never hurt when running or working out – that is until about two and a half weeks ago. I was at the gym on the rowing machine and started it feel it. At first I tried to ignore it, but I continued to feel it even when taking Coco out for a walk.

I don’t feel like its injured enough to warrant a trip to the doctor but I’ve still taken a conservative approach taking LOTS of rest days.

In fact, I’ve only run once in the past 16 days. And it still bothered me on that test run so I had my chiro look at during my last appointment.

She advised taking a week off of running and doing lots of plyo exercises (like jumps). If it continued to hurt or get worse then we’d know its an impact issue vs gait issue.

So over the past week. I’ve jumped rope, found short plyo workouts and did lots of knee strengthening exercises at the gym. The level of DOMS I felt after each workout was severe. It was a big wakeup call that I need to pay more attention to strengthening these little muscles that make a huge difference.

As for the knee, it’s starting to feel better. I guess this means its possibly a gait issue which is what I need to work on next. Anyhow, I’m gonna give running another try this week.

Whole 30Whole 27

My second attempt at the Whole 30 ended at Day 27 when I went to Audrey’s tea party bridal shower.

I’m starting round 3 today and am determined to make it a full 30 days with no cheating this time.

4th of July

I ended up having a 5-day holiday weekend that was just the right balance of fun and productivity.

I finally put together my new BBQ. It had been sitting on my patio for a month and took three hours for me to assemble. I did not use it this past weekend, as I need to have a lesson on how to use a gas grill, but I foresee many grilled dinners in the immediate future…



I had intended to have lunch in Sausalito with family but it turned out that no one else could go. I wasn’t about to let that stop me so I took a solo drive up to Marin County anyway. Everyone else had the same intention because Sausalito was unbearably crowded. So I continued on to Mill Valley and dropped in to the San Francisco Running Company to check out their new gear.


Its embarrassing when you realize you already own most of the merchandise they have in stock. So instead, I picked up this shirt just in time for the 4th.


I also got to visit with my friend Deb and her two pups who were visiting from So Cal. She has been a HUGE resource for me, giving me lots of advice about raising a new puppy. I could not have survived the past six months without her. So when she came home for the long weekend to visit her Mom we made a point to schedule time so our pups could meet.


We went on a long walk at the Los Gatos Creek Trail. It was so much fun to see them and the walk also wiped Coco Pop out for the rest of the day!


Yesterday Coco and I met a friend in the Sea Cliff neighborhood of San Francisco to hike the Lands End Trail. It’s just over a mile and a half, yet is kinda strenuous with lots of stairs. I had done a plyos workout that morning and felt it with every step.

After the hike we had lunch on the back patio of the Beach Chalet. They have a pet-friendly area on the back lawn so Coco was able to run around while we had lunch.


The rest of the weekend was spent doing house projects, experimenting with recipes (future post?) and lots of naps.

That’s all that’s going on lately. Maybe when I start doing more running, I’ll be inspired to do more blogging…

But as always, thanks for reading!

Week 9 of 2013: Feb 24 – Mar 2

Sun, Feb 24:

+ 4 Recovery Miles

Mon, Feb 25:

+ Complete Rest

Tues, Feb 26:

+ 2.79-mile Track Workout

Wed, Feb 27:

+ 1700-m Swim
+ 35-min Yoga
+ 45-min Strength Training with Trainer Dave

Thurs, Feb 28:

+ 45-min Yoga

Fri, Mar 1:

+ 25-min Pilates
+ 35-min Yoga
+ 35-min Strength Training with Trainer Dave

Sat, Mar 2:

+ 3-miles Easy

What I Learned This Week:

1. We have hamstring muscles in our bums. During my emergency visit with my chiro (after Tuesday’s injury run) I kept insisting that it was my gluteal muscles that hurt, not my hammy. She told me that the hamstring muscles goes up to the glutes because, “it has to attach somewhere.” Learn something new every day.

2. The three days off from running did wonders. I was annoyed that I had to miss out on so many miles this past week but was relieved that I was able to run pain-free on Saturday…

3. …Though I did feel like I lost some fitness after just three days off from running.

4. I have no desire to swim more than once a week. I thought I did, but I don’t. The chlorine fumes are just too much for me to inhale multiple times a week.

5. Doing only upper body exercises in a 45-min Strength Training session is really hard. Doing only upper body exercises just two days later is even harder – thus I only lasted 35-minutes. It made me realize just how weak my upper body strength is.

I’m writing this onboard my flight to Arizona for a week of Spring Training. I never do well with vacation workouts, so next week is sure to be interesting…