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Wrapping Up My Mini Vacation

It’s the last night of my mini-vacation and I find myself staying in a little town north of Seattle. My cousin Riley’s Little League team made it to the State tournament and is being held in this little town I’ve never heard of before.

The rest of the family headed north yesterday but Jenna and I waited until today to make the 3 1/2 hour drive.

On the way, we stopped at South Center in Tukwila (aka as the start of the Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon) to have lunch at Ivar’s. No trip to Seattle is ever complete without a stop at Ivars.

After lunch, we continued north, through downtown Seattle until we got to the Seattle Premium Outlets. It’s near our hotel so we spent the afternoon shopping there. I finally got a few pieces of non-workout clothing. Tops from Gap and J Crew for $5! Can’t beat that!

We stopped at the ballpark and watched a few innings of a game, then continued further north to mecca…

…also known at the Lululemon Outlet!

After a successful visit to the Woodbury Commons Outlet in New York, I had high hopes for this store. Sadly, most of the inventory was for sizes 2, 4, 10 and 12, neither of which I am. All I got was a running visor for $5 and the travel pack! I never thought I would say that I am so excited to wear a fanny pack, but I am! LOL

Tomorrow I *really* hope I can pull off a 10-mile run around this little town. I have a route mapped out – hopefully it will work out for me. Then I drive back to Portland solo (I’ll even miss Riley’s ballgame) to catch my flight home.

It’s been such a fun trip!

Visiting Vancouver

Vancouver is a beautiful city that I’ve been to quite a number of times, the first time dating back to high school. I’ve visited a lot of the touristy stuff, like Stanley Park, the Capilano Suspension Bridge, etc. Most recently, I’d been there a few times for business travel, so I was somewhat familiar with the area.

And while I knew a race there would be scenic, the main reason I ran the BMO Vancouver Marathon is because it’s in the homeland of Lululemon.

It’s no secret that I love Lulu. 99.9% of my workout gear is from there. I had heard that the selection of merchandise is so much better in the Vancouver stores so I was really looking forward to checking it out. In fact, this was the only thing I had to do while I was there.

Vancouver is a great walking city, so using the Google Maps app on our iPhones, we walked to the Robson store.

I was not disappointed. I got the:

Turbo Run Shorts: I think this is the one replacing my favorite Groove Run Shorts.

• Bike Pants: I missed out on these the last time they were out, so I was glad to grab a pair, as I see it’s already gone from the Web site.

Running Vest: I couldn’t find this in my local stores when they came out a few months ago, so I was really happy to snag one!

Energy Short Sleeve Shirt: I ended up using this for the race. The sales girl was so cute and told me I shouldn’t try anything new for race day (which she is right about), but I told her that I only run in Lulu and had gotten this shirt from the Pearl District store last October when it was specially made for the Portland Marathon). BTW – it worked out great for the race – no chafing!

After leaving Lulu, we walked around for a bit longer (probably longer than I should have), and took a little boat…

…and made our way to Granville Island.

It was the site of a huge public market filled with sweet treats, delicacies and trinkets.

That was pretty much the extent of our explorations in Vancouver, but we did manage to visit a number of fantastic restaurants like the Shore Club and Al Porto.

But my favorite restaurant of all was Café Medina.

In fact, we had breakfast there twice.

It’s a French-themed coffee place with a delectable menu. On the first morning we brunched there I had this dish:

Fried eggs, leafy vegetables (I think it was arugula), and underneath it was a rich blend of braised short ribs with potatoes and apples, served with grilled foccaccia on the side. It was delicious.

But I also got a powdered waffle with dark chocolate dipping sauce.

This was SO GOOD that when we came back a second time I ordered 5 of them! This time I got it with the dark chocolate dipping sauce and a milk chocolate and lavender sauce.

Now I am obsessed with waffles. When I got home from all my travels I discovered that Jamba Juice has waffles – they’re okay but definitely not as good as Café Medina.

Vancouver is a great city to explore. It’s diverse, fairly compact, has great cuisine and of course, Lululemon! It’s definitely a must visit!

New York Trip Part 2: Woodbury Commons

Okay I’m back. It’s been a busy, busy month so far and I have lots to blog about. But first I want to pick up where I left off, and finish recapping my weekend in New York. I mean, the whole purpose of the trip was to visit Woodbury Commons, so I must write about it!

Its like the heavens were shining down on Woodbury…

For those of you who don’t know, Woodbury Commons is the fabulous outlets about an hour outside of the City. I’ve often been asked, “What’s so great about them? Aren’t they just like the Gilroy Outlets?” To which I answer – “N.O.” While they have some of the same stores that Gilroy has, Woodbury has so much more. I refer to it as “my Disneyland” aka “my happiest place on earth.”

I made my first pilgrimage there four years ago with Michi and her mom and sister. Back then we rented a car and could not fit even more one shopping back in to it. This time, since it was just Michi and I, we pre-purchased bus passes on Grayline. They have designated buses just for the excursion.

On Saturday morning, we got up at the crack of dawn and headed to the Port Authority to catch our bus.

Note: if you pre-purchase your bus pass, you must go to the Grayline counter to redeem your voucher and get your actual ticket. They will tell you which gate to go to.

We thought we were pretty early but at 30-minutes before the scheduled departure time, there was already a line of shoppers, most of whom were foreigners. There were some people there who had empty suitcases that they stored as luggage. I thought it was pretty funny. Little did I know how smart those people were.

The bus ride there took about 45-minutes. During this time we reviewed the layout and strategized as to what our game plan would be. We both wanted to hit the Lululemon store first, so as soon as arrived, we headed straight there.

You have no idea how much I love Lululemon. I mean, take a look at my Fav’s page – all Lulu stuff. Their West Coast Community Relations person happened to come across my blog. Last year we met up in the City when she was here visiting the Bay Area stores and now we often exchange emails. In fact, she’s the one who sends me photos of new products so I can post on my site. ☺

So going to the Lulu outlet was nothing but pure JOY. Most of the items were in the larger sizes, but there was plenty for everyone. I ended up getting several pairs of pants, headbands, several tops and a jacket, and saved about 60-65% off of list price. That alone was worth the whole trip!

But alas, we shopped more, visiting Burberry, Juicy Couture, DVF, David Yurman, etc, etc. When we got to the Uggs stores, there was a line outside waiting to get in. We stood in that line for about 35 minutes with the temperatures at about 27 degrees and windy. Not kidding. But it was worth it. We tried on every type of Ugg possible.

We were on such a mission that we didn’t both to stop for lunch. In fact, all we ate the entire day were scones for breakfast, a shared turkey sandwich and a handful of mixed nuts. At one point I thought I was going to pass out from starvation.

By the afternoon, my back hurt from carrying all my bags. I looked at those people with their suitcases and wished I’d done the same. Thankfully we didn’t have to wait for the bus to return to the City. When we were ready to leave, the buses were ready and waiting.

It was such a fun day and seriously worth the trip; perfect for a girls weekend!

…a successful day…

After 2 exhausting days, my 3rd and final day was pretty low-key. To be quite honest, I didn’t want to do much at all, I was so tired. So we slept in, lounged around and then decided that we needed to sneak a little more shopping in. I mean, after all, it was a shopping trip. ☺

So we spent some time at H&M and Bloomingdale’s, which I personally think is much better than the Bloomingdale’s in San Francisco. We got to meet and have lunch with my running coach, which was really great to put a face to a name!

Then we capped my visit off with a visit to Dylan’s Candy store, where I went a little nuts on the sweet stuff. ☺

It was such a quick trip, but so much fun. And the best part was being able to hang out with Michi – I had so much fun with her and we’re already planning our outings!

Next I’ll recap another whirlwind trip – this time to Los Angeles this past weekend for the LA County Half-Marathon. Seriously, craziest month ever…