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My Madonna Top 10

The only reasons I even bothered to watch the SuperBowl was:

1. The promise of homemade enchiladas
2. The Half Time Show

And I loved both.

I loved, loved, LOVED Madonna’s show – I was so entertained. I thought she looked great and hope I look that good at age 53.

Last night I found her YouTube channel and spent HOURS watching almost every single video. And I realized why I love her so much – she spans my entire lifetime.

Check this out:

* Released 1983-1986: Childhood
* Released 1988-1992: Teenage Years
* Released 1994-1998: College Years
* Released 1999-Current: Adulthood

Every video watched brought me back to that period in my life.

So of course, in typical NJ fashion, I made a list of my Top 10 favorite songs. I could not rank them (it was hard enough to choose just 10), so here they are in chronological order:

1. Borderline: One of the original classics.

2. Material Girl: When I was 10 years old I was DYING for this album and my Aunty Delta bought it for me for Christmas. It remains one of the best Christmas gifts I’ve ever received.

3. Crazy For You: My college girlfriends and I always picked out a celeb to belt this out to (hand motions and all). Brad Pitt was always my pick, but he’s been replaced by Ryan Gosling.

4. Cherish: Just a feel good song.

5. Express Yourself: I love running to this song.

6. Vogue: Who doesn’t love, “Greta Garbo, and Monroe, Deitrich and DiMaggio…”

7. Take A Bow: I love this live performance with Babyface more than the video:

One of my all-time favorite songs. And by default – You’ll See – because it’s the follow-up to Take A Bow.

8. This Used To Be My Playground: A League of Their Own is one of my all-time favorite movies. Hearing the opening notes still gives me chills.

9. Music: Doesn’t this just make you want to dance?

10. 4 Minutes: I program this song to be the last 4-minutes of every run.

SFM Playlist

Worked on my play list tonight for Sunday’s race (2H of SFM).

I recycled a lot of oldies but goodies.

Gonna go to the expo tomorrow with some co-workers, then again on Saturday with my friend who is also running the 2nd Half – her first race!

Getting really excited – it’s gonna be so much fun!

Workout Music


AM: Strength Training
PM: Spin

Question for Spinners: What is the purpose of quick in/out of saddle moves? (Sorry, I don’t know the proper term of it). We did a ton of them in Spin class tonight, and it was hard and annoying. Seriously, what is the purpose of it? Inquiring minds need to know…

A friend of mine asked me where I find workout music. I have 3 main sources:

1. Group Exercise Classes

• I have been known to use Shazam in a Spin class to find out what song is playing.
• I also used to take a ton of Les Mills classes and would Google the current release to see what the names of songs were.
• Instructors have also lent me CD’s of their workout music to download.

2. iTunes

• I look to see what songs are on the Top Charts lists.
• Recommendations from my Genius lists
• I see what music people I follow on Ping have recently purchased.

3. Other People’s Blogs

• I love it when other people post their playlists! I have gotten so many great tunes from it! The most recent post I’ve read is Page’s Boston Marathon Playlist – great stuff! I will be downloading more than a few songs from it!

So here’s my current Burn list:

For regular workouts, I just use the same list and keep adding songs to it, but I’ll create a specific list for a race.

If you have any suggestions, send them over!

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