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Gluten-Free Allergen Free Expo

One of the reasons I decided to stop eating refined sugar is because I made one too many visits to Zest, my local gluten-free bakery. And although I stopped making weekly visits, I still read their blog, which is how I learned about the Gluten-Free Allergen Free Expo.

Gluten-Free Allergen Free Expo

The expo was held over the weekend at the Marriott in Burlingame, which is just 10-min away from me. Since it was so conveniently located, I couldn’t not go. My cousin Jeff also practices a gluten-free lifestyle so I bought us expo tickets for Saturday.

A lot of the familiar gluten-free brands were represented…

Like Udi’s – my bread, bagel and frozen pizza crust of choice…

Udi's product family

Udi’s product family


Glutino's pretzels

Glutino’s pretzels

Kind Bars…

Kind Bars

Kind Bars

There were also some smaller, lesser-known companies there. Some of my personal favorites were:

Gluten-Free Please Bakery

Their “copy cat” cheez whiz crackers were SO GOOD. I happen to think that they’re better than the real thing, and plan on ordering more online very soon.

Gluten Free Please Bakery's cheese crackers

Gluten Free Please Bakery’s cheese crackers

Straw Propeller Gourmet Foods

I tried a sample of the Fruits and Nuts instant oatmeal and it was great. Like regular instant oatmeal, all you have to do is add hot water – perfect for days when I need to be in the office.

Hail Merry Macaroons

At first I was hesitant to try their samples because of my “no refined sugar” deal, but then I read the packaging for the choco macaroons that said, NO REFINED SUGAR. Turns out its vegan and a raw food. AND SO GOOD. I bought a bag of them and may need to get more…

A lot of people who practice a gluten-free lifestyle do so because they have an autoimmune disease, so there were some non-food vendors with products that target this community of people:

I’ve heard that a lot of professional athletes have hyperbaric chambers like this one:

Gluten-Free Allergen Free Expo

My personal favorite product of the entire expo was this infrared sauna.

Infrared sauna

Infrared sauna

My cousin has psoriatic arthritis and when he sat in it for just 15-min he felt relief from his chronic joint pain. I sat in it and imagined how great it would feel after a long run. Can you imagine taking an ice bath, then sitting in this sauna? It would be heaven. And all that’s required to power it is to plug it into a regular electrical outlet. It’s not as pricey as you would thing and I came thisclose to handing over my credit card for it. It’s definitely on my wish list; I just need to figure out how I would fit it into my tiny apartment.

Overall we had a great time at the expo. We got to meet Kathy Smart, author of Live the Smart Way and a 20+-year practitioner of gluten-free living. I also saw Annelies from Attune Foods who I have previously met a Bay Area Blogger Meet-Up.

And we also brought home lots of samples and coupons….

Gluten-Free Allergen Free Expo

Gluten-Free Allergen Free Expo

But as great as the event was, it was also reminder that so much of the foods were processed. I actually felt a little sick after eating the samples because I haven’t been eating very much processed foods lately.

While it’s great to have these products as options when eating gluten-free, nothing can top real, whole foods.