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My Madonna Top 10

The only reasons I even bothered to watch the SuperBowl was:

1. The promise of homemade enchiladas
2. The Half Time Show

And I loved both.

I loved, loved, LOVED Madonna’s show – I was so entertained. I thought she looked great and hope I look that good at age 53.

Last night I found her YouTube channel and spent HOURS watching almost every single video. And I realized why I love her so much – she spans my entire lifetime.

Check this out:

* Released 1983-1986: Childhood
* Released 1988-1992: Teenage Years
* Released 1994-1998: College Years
* Released 1999-Current: Adulthood

Every video watched brought me back to that period in my life.

So of course, in typical NJ fashion, I made a list of my Top 10 favorite songs. I could not rank them (it was hard enough to choose just 10), so here they are in chronological order:

1. Borderline: One of the original classics.

2. Material Girl: When I was 10 years old I was DYING for this album and my Aunty Delta bought it for me for Christmas. It remains one of the best Christmas gifts I’ve ever received.

3. Crazy For You: My college girlfriends and I always picked out a celeb to belt this out to (hand motions and all). Brad Pitt was always my pick, but he’s been replaced by Ryan Gosling.

4. Cherish: Just a feel good song.

5. Express Yourself: I love running to this song.

6. Vogue: Who doesn’t love, “Greta Garbo, and Monroe, Deitrich and DiMaggio…”

7. Take A Bow: I love this live performance with Babyface more than the video:

One of my all-time favorite songs. And by default – You’ll See – because it’s the follow-up to Take A Bow.

8. This Used To Be My Playground: A League of Their Own is one of my all-time favorite movies. Hearing the opening notes still gives me chills.

9. Music: Doesn’t this just make you want to dance?

10. 4 Minutes: I program this song to be the last 4-minutes of every run.

It All Ended Last Night…

My cousin Jenna is a teacher in China and is home for a few weeks for summer vacation so I’m spending a few days visiting her and the family in Vancouver, Washington.

It’s been a busy few days so far:

– the night that I arrived, her younger brother Riley and his Little League All-Star team was their district championship and are headed to the State Tournament this weekend. We’re all heading up to Seattle this weekend for it!

– yesterday i went on a 7-mile run. I didn’t get out the door until lunch time, but thankfully it was overcast and cool. I ran a mile and a half to the track, 4 miles at the track and then back home. It was a good one.

– in the afternoon we hung out in downtown Portland in the Pearl District and went to my all-time favorite Lululemon store. I got Jenna her very first pair of Lulu clothing – the Groove Pants! I’m so excited to introduce her to the world of Lulu! After Lulu we walked to Powell’s Books – Portland’s famous book store and spent hours there! there is just so many good books to read!

– we stopped off at pf chang’s (because she wanted american chinese food and had never been to pf chang’s before) for happy hour. 4 appetizer dishes for under $20 – can’t beat that!it was our dinner!

– and finally, we went to the midnight showing of this:

jenna, aunty delta (her mom), vanda (her friend) and i got our tickets over a month ago for the midnight showing here. we are huge fans and read all the books and have seen all the movies (in fact we also watched the Deathly Hallows Part 1 twice yesterday!).

but we aren’t the type to stand in line for hours. We did a drive by of the theatre on the way back from Portland and it wasn’t too bad at 7 pm. we called the theatre and they said it was playing on 9 screens and the doors opened at 10:45 pm. we got there at 11 pm and the line wrapped around the building but moved quickly. We probably only stayed in line for maybe 30 minutes.

but once the movie was ready to begin, there were technical difficulties with the projector! the theatre was patient at first, but after a few minutes everyone started to get antsy. They finally got it going 30 minutes late and it was worth it!


i won’t give away any spoilers, but as a huge HP fan, I was very happy with it!

Now that it’s all over, I don’t know what to do with myself….

…except go and see it again? I think I foresee an HP marathon in my future!

How I Spent the 4th of July Weekend

Friday Night

Went to the movies and saw this:

Instead of theatre food, we snuck sushi into the theatre. I’m sure the people around me loved smelling my spicy tuna rolls, but way better than the gross nachos they serve there, right? However, my cousin did get some popcorn and I ate a few using chopsticks – a first for me, but you know what? It worked – my hands didn’t get dirty at all! :)

The movie itself was okay. I think we all know it isn’t going to win any Academy Awards, but it was entertaining – for the most part. I was just so happy to be in air conditioning.


Had dinner at the Yard house, a favorite restaurant that I frequent when I’m in Arizona. They just opened one at Santana Row in San Jose. I had a Shrimp Caesar salad (sans dressing), then indulged in this:

{kona coffee ice cream sundae – my absolute favorite ice cream flavor!}

Which quickly turned into this:

Don’t worry, I shared it with my cousin and we scraped off the whipped cream. This was my one indulgence for the weekend.

After dinner we went to the HP Pavilion where I revisited my 8th grade self and saw these guys:

We had bought our tickets for this show 7 months ago, but I had forgotten all about it and wasn’t even sure of the exact date until about a week ago. I felt so lackadaisical going into the evening, but once NKOTB came on stage, it was like 1989 all over again!

Back in 1999, I wasn’t as crazy about BSB as I had been about NKOTB, but I still knew all of their tunes, which made it one of those great shows where I could sing just about every song!

My photos and videos turned out terrible, but here’s some vids that I found online…

…And yes, their songs have been added to my running play list! :)


It wouldn’t be a proper weekend without a run, now would it?

For the second weekend in a row, I got to meet up with my favorite Bay Area runners/bloggers/tweeters.

{in front of the Conservatory of Flowers}

This time we met in the City for an almost 7-mile run around Golden Gate Park. This area of the City is usually foggy, but on this day we were punished with “stupid heat.” It was waaay too warm, but somehow we made the ascent up to the infamous Strawberry Hill, a steep, half-mile corkscrew climb. It was more of a hike than a run up this hill for me, but we made it to the top!

{atop Strawberry Hill}

After our run we all headed to Genki Ramen for lunch!

Half of us are obsessed with ramen. It’s my typical dinner on nights before a long run, but some of the other girls swear it’s the perfect post-run meal. Either way works! And in case you haven’t heard of ramen before, here’s what it looks like:

{noodles with vegetables or pork or chicken or seafood in broth}

I’m told that it’s kinda like pho (except I’ve never had pho) but with more flavor. Sooooo good!

Later that evening I went to a potluck family dinner. It’s impossible to eat healthy at these things because of spreads like this:

I couldn’t resist – I had a bit of everything but just in little portion sizes. Can I call that a win? Please?


After a crazy weekend, I needed some downtime and never left my house until we reconvened for a “leftovers” family dinner.

Fireworks weren’t coming on till way past my bedtime and I had to be up at 6 am for a 6-miler this morning so I called it a day and was in bed before the fireworks even started. I’m such a party animal, aren’t I?

Here’s to a short workweek – may it go by quickly!