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Weekly Recap, Oct 28-Nov 3


I haven’t written a weekly workout recap post since the end of the summer. At the time my body was feeling so out-of-sync that the workouts weren’t anything that I wanted to remember. Sadly, not much has changed in the past two-and-half months. I have been seeing a Functional Medicine doctor who is helping me to heal my body (digestive system). Some days are better than others but I am no where near being completely healed. I am however feeling a little more energized and had a decent week workout-wise.

+ Mon, Oct 28: Rest Day

+ Tues, Oct 29: Bad track workout

+ Wed, Oct 30: Spin workout + Strength Training workout with Trainer Dave

Instead of a 6 am Spin class, my gym offers a 6 am Body Pump class on Wednesdays. So if I want to get an early morning Spin workout done I have to do it on my own at 5 am. I’ve found pretty good Spin workouts just by surfing the Web and did a 30-minute one followed by 30-min of core and PT exercises

At lunch time I did a rowing/circuit workout with Trainer Dave:

- Warmed up with 2000 meters on the rowing machine
- 4 sets, no rest in-between sets:
10 regular push-ups
10 TRX low rows
15 squats with overhead press holding a 20 lb medicine ball
15 KB swings with 25 lb KB
10 TRX reverse Y flies

+ Thurs, Oct 31: 5K time trial with a 1-mile warm-up and 1-mile cool down

One of the things my Functional Medicine doctor is treating me for is Adrenal Fatigue, so although I was pleased with the paces I ran, this run knocked me out. I’m also still dealing with sore calves and shin splints so you can imagine just how much fun this run was…

+ Fri, Nov 1: Strength Training workout with Trainer Dave

- Warm-up with 2000 meters rowing
- 10 x 200 meter rowing springs with 1-min rest
- 3 sets circuit (no rest in-between sets):
10 Pushups
15 Kettle Bell Swings (25 lbs)
10 Burpees

+ Sat, Nov 2:  90-minute (9-mile) Run 

The above photo was taken on this run. Fall running is the best!

+ Sun, Nov 3: 40-min Untimed Run 

In two weeks I’m running the Big Sur Half Marathon. With me trying to heal my gut its probably not the most ideal time to be running an endurance event but I’m going to anyway. Since I wasn’t able to run Twin Cities Marathon last month, this is my consolation event. I really have cut back my workouts quite a bit (compared to marathon training) and my Functional Medicine doctor has much experience working with endurance athletes so she gets it. She understands that “this is what she has to work with” (her words, not mine) and is willing to do so (I do plan on cutting back even more after this race).

When I first signed up for this race I had grand dreams of running a PR because its the first race I ever ran 5 yrs ago. But I’m not expecting that to happen anymore and I’m okay with it (mostly). There’ll be other races to try to run a personal record so for this race I’m just looking forward to running half marathon #21 and celebrating how far I’ve come the first one.

Weekly Workout Recaps: Aug 19-25 and Aug 26-Sept 1

I was hesitant to write this post because as of right now I really don’t know if I’m going to run the Fall marathon I have been planning to. Its not that I don’t want to, or that I’m injured because I do and I’m not, but I’ve been going through a period of cutting runs short or simply skipping them altogether.

I got sick a couple of weekends ago and wasn’t able to get out of bed, let alone do any workouts whatsoever. It took about a week and a half to fully recover but then I started freaking out that there wasn’t enough time to train for the race. You’d think that would be enough to drive me to run every single mile and then-some; instead I did the exact opposite.

So I really don’t know if I’ll run it or not but I will making the trip no matter what (travel is already booked and paid for) so I’m going to make every effort to run the miles and finish the workouts that are on my schedule between now and then.

Mon, 8/19
Rest Day

Tues, 8/20
6-mile Run

Wed, 8/21
30-min Swim
40-min Strength Training Session with Trainer Dave

Thurs, 8/22
5-mile Run Nothing

Fri, 8/23
1-hr Spin

Sat, 8/24
14-mile Run 11.5 mile Run

Sun, 8/25
30-min Spin / 30-min Treadmill Run
30-min Strength Training

Mon, 8/26
Rest Day

Tues, 8/27
5.40-mile Track Workout

Wed, 8/28
30-min Swim
45-min Strength Training Session with Trainer Dave

Thurs, 8/29
7-mile Run 6-mile Run

Fri, 8/30
1-hr Spin

Sat, 8/31
15-mile Run 8-mile Run

Sun, 9/1
5.27-mile Run

Yesterday I half-heartedly intended to make a second attempt at the 15-miler, but after 5.27-miles I stopped to spectate the DSE Mile Run that a bunch of my friends ran, then chose to go to brunch with them instead of continuing my run because who can say no breakfast at Q.


Weekly Recap: Aug 4 – 11

I was humbled this past week by some really tough times during workouts that shouldn’t have felt that hard.

During my last swim lesson I couldn’t finish two laps without imploding. I came up gasping for air yelling, “I just ran a marathon six weeks ago, why can’t I finish this lap!”

Then I ran 12 miles yesterday. It started off great but the last few miles were pretty ugly.

Last week I also missed some miles and workouts and I’m fearful of it becoming a habit. I need to start holding myself accountable again so I’m going to do so by resuming these weekly workout recap posts.

Here’s last week’s recap.

Sun, 8/4:

Giants Race – 10K

Probably the least unfortunate race photo taken of me yet

Probably the least unfortunate race photo taken of me yet

Mon, 8/5:


Except I had my 30-min swim lesson which was no joke, physically or mentally. It took lots of concentration and effort to learn new things.

Tues, 8/6:

PM: 7-mile run 3-mile run

Except I had to go into the office and my new office is now at least a 25-min commute going 80 mph on the freeway (if I’m lucky). I cannot stand to be in traffic so on days that I do have to go into the office I try to leave the house by 6 am. This means I have to run after work and I am not an afternoon runner. I could only muster up 3-miles because I knew I still had a tough swim lesson later that evening and felt like I had to conserve every bit of energy I had left in me.

PM: 30-min swim lesson

Wed, 8/7:

AM: 45-min swim on my own to practice stuff learned during lessons.

Lunch: 1-hour strength training with Dave which these days consists of lots of time of the rowing machine and TRX circuits.

PM: 30-min swim lesson – the one where I faced my fear and learned how to do somersaults (then flip turns !!!) in the pool.

Thurs, 8/8:

AM: I had a track workout that didn’t happen because I was so sore from Wednesday’s workouts and my stomach was being upset again.

PM: 30-min swim lesson – the last one in which my instructor had me do sprint sets that I could barely finish.

Fri, 8/9:

Complete Rest Day

Sat, 8/10:

A 12-mile run in the City along the Embarcadero to the Marina Green and back. It started off well and then went downhill real fast during the last few miles. I don’t think I fueled properly which is disturbing since I should have known better after SFM.

As soon as I finished running my legs were overcome with a pain that I’ve felt only after running 26.2. I laid down immediately, which was probably the worst thing I could have done but it needed to happen. My quads hurt the most which is also disturbing since the route I had just ran was mostly flat.

Sun, 8/11:

AM: Brick – 30-min on the Spin bike, 30-min on the treadmill

AM: 75-min Restorative / Yin Yoga class

I came thisclose to bailing on each of these workouts but I finished them and afterwards was glad that I did. Its a shame though as it took me a full 25 minutes to feel comfortable on the treadmill.

Workout Highlights of the Week:

+ Learning how to somersaults in the pool

+ Finishing 30-min on the dreadmill

+ And seeing this:

a peek at the GGB

a peek at the GGB

Although my 12-mile run was garbage, I still got butterflies in my belly (as I always do) at my first glimpse of the day of the Golden Gate Bridge. It doesn’t matter how many times I run by or across it, I am always in awe of it’s majestic beauty.

This past week marked 15 years of Bay Area living for me.

After all this time I still have to pinch myself because I still can’t believe how lucky I am to live here. #ilovesfforever