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Finding My Fitness Again

Last week was my first full week of workouts since SFM and to be honest, it was hard. It always baffles me how much time and effort is put into building fitness and then how quickly it can be lost. Although I had just finished a marathon two weeks prior, I felt like I was starting from scratch all over again.

Weekly Workout Recap:

+ After my first post-marathon run last Saturday, I ran another four miles on Sunday. It was already hot by the time I started at 8:15 am. My legs felt heavy, slow and sluggish and I had to talk to myself a lot to keep going. I kept telling myself, “Just one more!” “One more mile, one more step, just one more.” Did I mention this was only a four-mile run?

+ I never made it to a Spin class on Monday, but I did go to my first post-SFM yoga class. My small yoga studio is getting more and more popular and it was the biggest class ever. Although I’m happy to see the success of the studio, it makes me sad because I prefer small classes. Yoga is one of the best ways for your body to tell you where it might need some extra attention. It’s also calms my mind like nothing else does, and I kicked myself for not getting to a class sooner.

+ Tuesday was my first 6 am run of the summer. I forced myself to go to bed early the night before (like lights out at 8:30 pm when the sun hasn’t even set yet) and was up before my alarm went off at 5:15. I was out the door by 5:51 am and absolutely loved watching the sunrise during the run.

+ There wasn’t an early morning Spin class at my gym on Wednesday so I did my trusty solo Spin workout. I pushed myself more than usual and was dripping with sweat 45-min later when the workout ended. I consider sweating on your wrists evidence that it was a pretty damn good workout.

Later that day I had a strength training session with Trainer Dave:

Warm-up: 500 meters on the rowing machine (done in 3 min 40 sec)
Speed work on the rowing machine: 10 x 200 meter sprints w/ 1-min rest

I averaged 70.8 seconds per interval. I’m “rowing stupid” so I have no idea what that pace means. I have nothing to compare it to and I don’t really care to find out. We rounded out the workout by doing a new, tough TRX circuit that left me sweaty and shaky.

* 1-min rest between sets

This is a great workout for runners. My glutes, legs and core hurt for the next three days.

+ I did another untimed four mile run on the 4th of July. Later I went a family bbq, and then we watched the local fireworks show.

+ Not only was Friday a Rest Day, it was also Orange Friday.

The Best Run Ever

My “long run” of the week was an easy 60-minute run. Since I was instructed not to use my Garmin, I mapped out a 6-ish mile route in Golden Gate Park (GGP) beforehand.

The heat wave was finally over and it was cold and foggy in GGP. I was in heaven. Wearing new running shoes, I ran up and down JFK Drive. Three weekends prior running in GGP was some of the hardest miles I’ve faced, but for this run, it was bliss. My legs felt strong, light and springy. I rocked out to my newly created “Summertime” playlist and fell in love with the new shoes. It was one of my best runs ever – the kind that makes you want to run forever!

Marathon Planning

The Best Run Ever was followed by the Best Brunch Ever!

I joined Alyssa and Renee for brunch at Q Restaurant where we made plans for our next marathon – Twin Cities Marathon in October! Travel dates were selected, flights were booked and tots were devoured!

I wish ever week(end) was as great as this one was…

…and it’s not over yet – NKOTB + 98 Degrees + Boyz II Men tonight!

Week 14 of 2013: Apr 1-7

Mon, Apr 1:

+ Rest

Tues, Apr 2:

+ 6.32-mile Track Run

I took my sick car to another shop to try and figure out what is causing its illness so I was carless on Tuesday. With no transportation to the track, I did this track workout on the running path around my neighborhood. The workout was essentially 400’s. I misjudged the distance and had to do two out-and-backs. While it doesn’t bother me to run ’round and ’round the track, I was so bugged by having to repeat any part of the non-track route. Odd, I know.

Wed, Apr 3:

+ 45-min Strength Training

Another training session with Trainer Dave. The past two weeks he’s had me do circuit workouts with less reps but no rest in between sets. It really gets my heart rate up and makes the workout sweat fest.

+ 4-mile Run

Easy run with no Garmin…but 71-degrees and HOT.

+ 75-min Gentle Hatha Yoga Class

My only yoga class for the week (so sad, not intentional, and I’ve already missed my April goal…)

Thurs, Apr 4:

+ 6-mile Run

A terrible, confidence-crushing run that made me swear off running forever.

Fri, Apr 5:

+ 1-hr Spin Class + 10 extra minutes

I took the day off for the SF Giants Opening Day but still got myself to a 6 am Spin class.

+ 45-min Strength Training

This was similar to Wednesday’s workout of fewer reps in the circuit and no rest in between sets.

Can I also say how much I loathe TRX Atomic Pushups?

Sat, Apr 6:

+ 16-mile Run

After Thursday’s terrible run, I decided not to swear off running for good, and give it another shot.

But I didn’t know if I could bring myself to run all 16 of the assigned miles.

I ran through the streets of San Francisco, without my Garmin or iPod. It was foggy and rainy…and for the most part, glorious.

Because of the weather, the streets weren’t as crowded as they usually were. The temps were cool and I didn’t need very much water.

The energy of the City kept me engaged, although there were a few dark miles where I wondered, “Why the hell do I do this?”, convinced myself I wasn’t cut out for running, and swore to never run another step again. But another voice inside me kept saying, “Keep going”, and a few miles later I felt a runners high that I haven’t felt in a long, long time.

It turned out to be one of my best runs in recent memory. The time seemed to fly by, and at the end of the 16-miles, I didn’t feel like death. I wasn’t famished or thirsty, and my legs (and the rest of my body) felt like it could keep going. And I didn’t even have any post-run soreness.

Now I just need to figure out how to make the rest of my long runs from here on out like this one…

Sun, Apr 7:

+ 4-miles Running, 4-miles Walking = 8 miles total

I didn’t wear my Garmin again, but I mapped out the route I took when I got home. The run/walk breakdown is a guesstimate but I think it’s pretty close.

A bunch of us planned to meet up at our favorite Genki Ramen for lunch so I had a couple of hours to kill in Golden Gate Park before then.

With no set plan, I decided to just walk for a bit. I never walk in the park and so I decided to take advantage of the plan-less day and take in the serenity and beauty of GGP.

I walked 30-min down JFK Drive, passing a DSE 10K and Cate who was among the top Female finishers of the race (and she pushed Baby Ellie in the jogger stroller the entire time!)! Then I walked back up JFK for 30-min and went to Stowe Lake.

Stowe Lake in Golden Gate Park

Stowe Lake in Golden Gate Park

I ran 3-miles around the lake, then a mile back to Genki where I had a long overdue lunch with some of my favorite BARFs (Bay Area Running Friends!)


20-min At-Home TRX Workout

Trainer Dave is out of town this week so I’ve had to find alternatives for my strength training workouts. I could have signed up for another TRX Boot camp class, but I only have 5 classes left from my Groupon and I want to stretch them out as much as possible (one per week).

So I decided to be a little brave and put together my own workout that I could do at home on my lunch break:

20-min TRX At-Home Workout

20-min TRX At-Home Workout

* Denotes that the TRX was mid-length; at full extension for all other TRX exercises.

Including the 1-min rest break it’s exactly 20-minutes long. With additional time to move between each exercise it took a total of 50-minutes.

Here’s a quick rundown of the exercises that may need further explanation:

+ TRX I-Lunges: Lunge with arms overhead
+ TRX T-Lunges: Lunge with arms extended in T-formation
+ TRX Single Arm Swings: Like a golf swing but one arm at a time
+ TRX Opposite Arm Lunges: Lunge with opposite arm of lunged leg extended
+ Rocking Chair: Lying on your back, extend legs at 45-degree angle with toes pointed, extend arms keeping them behind ears, then rock back/ forth
+ Walkouts: from standing position, walk out to push-up position, do a push-up then push back to standing position


I went through all three sections and was dripping in sweat by the end. I was already tired too but pushed myself to finish a second round. I am definitely going to be feeling this one tomorrow.

Any other at-home strength training workouts to share that I can add to my collection?